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Positive guidance through: Pure Clairvoyance, Counselling, Tarot, Palmistry, Astrology and Hypnotherapy


Aren’t All Hands the Same

Murderer's Thumbs

To the untrained eye, many hands appear identical. Each hand contains four fingers and a thumb, fingernails at the tips of each and a palm at the base of the fingers. Upon closer scrutiny however, subtle differences are discernable. Long smooth fingers as used in jewellers’ advertising contrast starkly with the shorter, knotty fingers often […]

Your Hands: a Window to Your Soul?

Hands a Window to your soul

In February of 1978 I sat among a group of women cynically scrutinising our instructor as she taught us ‘Palmistry’. I’d been roped into attending the course because my friend Becky had not wanted to attend the course alone in the evenings. By lesson three my cynicism had evaporated and I was alert to the […]

In Search of Career Direction?

Career Direction

Are you working in a job which doesn’t fulfil you? Perhaps you don’t know the type of work to which you are best suited. In the search for a career which brings happiness and fulfilment there are almost endless possibilities. To avoid taking a series of jobs in order to slowly eliminate what you don’t […]

Reading Palms on the Run

Girl Running in Leaves

Taking a break from writing recently I found myself walking in the warm autumn sun in a local park. As it was mid afternoon on a weekday, a park consisting of five acres of green with a lazy river down one side was shared by six of us. Leaves were turning red and brown around […]

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Paul offers personal readings in Epping (NSW) and distance readings by telephone. A CD recording is included with most readings. Paul also visits other states, see Upcoming Events page for details. Click here for more details.


Paul Fenton-Smith has written ten self-development books on tarot, palmistry, spiritual development and intuition, including the best-selling Tarot Revealed which includes Chinese and Czech language editions. Click here for more details.
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