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Positive guidance through: Pure Clairvoyance, Counselling, Tarot, Palmistry, Astrology and Hypnotherapy


Telephone Readings – Remote Viewing

Over the past decade with the pace of city life increasing, more clients have become receptive to having telephone readings. For some individuals, it’s not possible to find travel time plus an hour to sit with a reader while for others, distance is the issue as they live interstate or overseas. One regular client who […]

The Tarot – A Personal Journey

Some students of the tarot are not interested in becoming professional tarot readers. For these individuals, the tarot is a guide on their personal and private journey through life. This carefully constructed deck of 78 cards offers insights into how to overcome many of life’s obstacles. It illuminates underlying spiritual lessons in setbacks or disappointments. […]

Tarot and Perfume

Tarot and Perfume

With the recent introduction of a range of perfumes by Dolce and Gabbana named after tarot cards, clients have been asking if there is any correlation between types of people and fragrances they prefer. The five D&G fragrances include The Fool, The Empress, The Lovers, the Wheel of Fortune and The Moon. They are also […]

Discover the Tarot

Paul Fenton-Smith Tarot

I love watching the joy of beginners discovering the tarot, which occurs sooner or later, every time I run an introductory tarot course. Students know in theory that the tarot works, but when they are in the position of the reader, watching a client’s life revealed, card by card, the excitement and wonder are palpable. […]

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Paul offers personal readings in Epping (NSW) and distance readings by telephone. A CD recording is included with most readings. Paul also visits other states, see Upcoming Events page for details. Click here for more details.


Paul Fenton-Smith has written ten self-development books on tarot, palmistry, spiritual development and intuition, including the best-selling Tarot Revealed which includes Chinese and Czech language editions. Click here for more details.
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