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Positive guidance through: Pure Clairvoyance, Counselling, Tarot, Palmistry, Astrology and Hypnotherapy

Newsletter – May 2017

A Meditation Marathon.

Psychic Development CourseIn a recent meditation workshop a small group of people enjoyed six meditations in three hours, covering personal psychic cleansing, psychic-energy cord cutting and higher-self contact to ask individual questions.

By experiencing each of the three different meditations twice, students improved their grasp of the process. These meditations were designed to calm the body and mind, while actively expanding intuitive awareness. There were experienced meditators and complete beginners yet each person felt confident about using these practical meditations regularly at home. Some left with lists of questions they’ll ask at home in the coming weeks using the meditations.


Discover Astrology at the Sydney Mind Body Spirit festival.

Astrology Wheel

If you’ve ever wondered what astrology is all about, beyond the weekly stars this talk is for you. At the Sydney MBS festival on Saturday May the 27th I’ll be speaking on astrology. This talk is free if you use this link to the MBS.

A natal or birth chart is simply a map of the heavens at the moment you took your first breath. In the hands of an experienced astrology, a chart can reveal innate talents and strengths, health areas to watch and an individual’s approach to career, friendships and love relationships. The type of partner a person admires is also shown in a chart, along with parental influences, financial acumen and creativity.


Unexpected futures are my specialty.

I’ve had several clients email recently to tell me that their previous readings with me made little sense at the time. However, when re-visiting the recordings they were surprised at the clarity of the events described when they occurred.

One client, when making another appointment, promised not to argue with me during her next reading. Apparently she had scoffed at my predictions during a previous session and left shaking her head. After the previous reading concluded I had suggested that she was free to throw away the recording and shape her own destiny.

If you have a recording of a previous reading take some time to listen to it. If you’re busy, take it with you on your next long drive and play it in the car. You might also be surprised.


Ready to see the long-term?

If you’d like to peer a decade or two into the future, look no further than your own hands. The maps of our lives are contained within our hands and with careful examination it possible to see the signs of her children and grandchildren in an eight year old child’s hands.

Past opportunities not taken are also shown, along with career and creative talents. Palm reading doesn’t require intuition. It’s simply a system that has evolved over thousands of years.

As you make decisions and choose particular paths in life, your palms reflect these choices and their most likely outcomes. I recently read about some superstitious people in Asia who have undergone surgery to extend and strengthen their Fate (career) lines in their palms to improve career prospects.

This is a waste of time and the only person to benefit from such a procedure is likely to be the surgeon. It seems that to some people, all that’s missing in a potentially successful career is planning, study and effort.  Paul’s annual Palmistry course starts soon.



Predictions for 2017

If you missed my interview on the Today show simply click on the image and it will take you to the interview on the Channel Nine website. It looks to me as though we are in for an interesting year in international politics. When I glanced over my notes before the interview they read like fiction.



TarotPrivate lessons

From creative writing to the psychic scanning of animals, there has been an increase in students wanting private lessons this year. It may be that more people want to learn tarot reading, palmistry or intuitive development but don’t have several Sundays to devote to study. It’s also possible that individuals are becoming increasingly time poor these days, fitting private lessons in when they can.

Writing students often prefer private lessons to be able to focus in-depth on a work in progress. Sometimes a good story idea needs careful polishing before it shines. Writers also benefit from a second pair of eyes looking at their work and asking questions that readers might be asking when it’s published.

These lessons have given me a chance to try out a few new techniques and to design a range of charts, writing exercises and forms for students to use. For psychic development students, these charts can help them to improve the focus their readings. I’ll use some of these forms in the advanced Intuition book I’m currently writing.

Like the advanced tarot book (Tarot Masterclass), I’m surprised at the direction I’m pursuing with the new Intuition book. The first half of this book is concerned with systems to improve accuracy and focus readings. It includes specific forms to help readers

The second part of the book will be more focussed on spiritual nourishment; the underlying purpose for psychic development, without which predictions seem hollow. This section will offer tools to reveal what might best nourish readers emotionally and spiritually throughout life.

In the rush to have a comfortable life or provide for a family, we risk forgetting that in 100 years we will be gone, taking with us only what we learned on our journeys through life. Writing this book is as much a reminder to myself as I hope it will be for readers.

Author’s page on Amazon

I’ve recently uploaded a link to one of my YouTube videos to my Amazon Author’s page. This single page showcases all of my books and a range of my online articles next to some of my video clips.  


Course Dates for 2016-17

Psychic Development course – Sydney      March 12, 19 and 26th  2017

Click Here for a PDF brochure:        Click here to enrol.

Based on Paul’s book Intuition this three Sundays course offers a chance to identify your psychic strengths and to try a range of different prediction methods. Psychic cleansing and protection techniques are also included.


Introductory Palmistry     May 21 & 28 and June 4th 2017    PDF brochure

This course unlocks the secrets of your life contained in your hands. Palmistry can reveal your character traits, most suitable career directions, major love relationships and health areas to watch. Using students hands, Paul demonstrates how to give a palm reading, step by step. There are also regular practice sessions to build your skills and your confidence in the reading process.


Introductory Tarot     October 15, 22 and 29th, 2017    PDF brochure      Click here to enrol.

Spend a few days with like-minded people while discovering yourself and your future through the tarot. Watch demonstration readings and gain some hands-on experience with tarot readings during the practice sessions. Paul’s book The Tarot Revealed is included in the course fee. BYO tarot cards and bring some questions to ask during the demonstrations or the practice sessions.


Psychic Development course – Melbourne      August 5 & 6th, 2017

Brochure:        Click here to enrol.

Based on Paul’s book Intuition this three Sundays course offers a chance to identify your psychic strengths and to try a range of different prediction methods. Psychic cleansing and protection techniques are also included. This course is held in South Yarra, close to cafes for lunch.


Tarot Masterclass    Dates to be confirmed.

This is an advanced course to strengthen your tarot reading skills and improve tarot practice. Accuracy in Yes/No questions and telephone readings are covered, as well as how to build a tarot business. Paul’s book Tarot Masterclass included in the course fee.

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