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Newsletter – January 2018

Podcast interview on new book.

Karma, psychic energy cords, how we energetically recognise soul mates and receiving assistance on personal spiritual paths from living and ascended masters were topics covered during a recent interview for a podcast. The interview, with radio and TV presenter Barry Eaton was for my new book A Secret Door to the Universe.

This podcast includes the first time I saw my living master give a talk in Sydney in 1992. He explained to the crowded room that any serious pursuit of spiritual development required 2 – 4 hours of meditation every day for the rest of your life. When I heard this uttered one word. “Taxi !”

Barry and I have known each other for years and his interviews for Radio Out There are relaxed and conversational, allowing us to wander off in several interesting directions at once. You can download the interview here.


Guided Meditations CDs now available on USB.

“I have difficulty meditating,” is a sentence I hear regularly at talks and it’s not surprising with our very busy lives. For individuals who find it impossible to concentrate for the 15 minutes it takes to meditate I suggest some guided meditations. If the mind wanders during the process, a soothing voice on the recording continues, guiding them back on track. This is an easy way to form lasting, good habits.

I’ve recorded 11 unique guided meditations on five CDs ranging from a basic 10 minute relaxation process through to spiritual cleansing, meeting your higher self, improving self-confidence, enjoying deep sleep at night and opening your heart to new love opportunities.

I was keen to make each guided meditation effective as I originally made them for myself. I wasn’t thinking about marketable products; I simply wanted to change my own life. It was only after I had used them repeatedly and determined that they worked successfully that I recorded them in a studio and released them to the public.

Due to demand, I’m now offering my guided meditations CD range on USB. Each USB comes with a printed page of the CD booklet so that you know what’s on the Memory stick. These are priced at $25 for a single CD or 40 for the contents of two CDs, including postage.



New Edition of A Secret Door

After 12 years of judiciously guarding my only copy of my book A Secret Door to the Universe I’ve produced a new, revised edition in paperback. This book charts some of my spiritual journey in London and in the Greek islands in the 1990’s.

Since it was first published I’ve returned to it when life felt bleak and I needed to remember my deeper purpose. Surprisingly, several clients who have copies did exactly the same thing. Unprompted, they discovered that reading it offered spiritual nourishment during difficult times. This might explain why more than 30 people have told me that they lent copies to friends and never saw the book again.

One client mentioned me that she borrowed a copy from her local library and when she couldn’t buy it in shops; she paid a fine rather than return the book. Hearing these stories made me put my solitary copy out of sight for safekeeping.

Reading it carefully throughout the editing process inspired me to change the direction of the advanced intuition book I’m currently working on. Instead of writing about innovative predictive techniques, I’m moving the new book towards methods for moving out of darkness into the light.

The original edition of A Secret Door had a raw honesty about it that I’ve kept in the new version. Although it doesn’t always paint a positive picture of me, striving towards the light after a lifetime of living in the dark is a process fraught with poor decisions, fear and frustration.

I’ll be giving several public talks based on this book, beginning with Heavenly Energies book store in Willoughby at 7:00 pm on Thursday September the 7th. Tel: 02) 9969 9415.  Click here to read more about this book.


A window into your world

Some days I really love my job. On a recent rainy weekday, my first session was a Skype video reading with a client in Canada. When Judith asked me what the weather was like in Sydney I was able to turn the iPad around to film the back garden and the park over my fence.

“Lemons,” she said as the lemon tree came into view. She explained that the last of the snow was disappearing where she lived and I could only imagine the daily temperatures.

Yesterday my first client was based in Florida, the next person was in Northern Australia and my last client for the day was in the Greek islands. I really wanted to ask her to take me outside and down to the beach but as she was paying for the session, I resisted the urge. The Greek islands are my favourite holiday destination and one of my books was set on the island of Poros in 1991.

A few weeks ago a client asked me to tilt the camera down so that she could see the cards on my table. A tarot novice, she wanted to see how I was retrieving the information about her life. I held a few cards up to the camera to explain the significance of different aspects of the images so that it was partly a lesson as well as a reading.

Recently an overseas client was experiencing some issues with the video part of the call. I suggested that we revert to a voice only call (with a tap of her screen) but she insisted that we keep the video.

“I want to know that it’s you. Seeing you on screen reminds me of when I was in Sydney having a reading in your office years ago. It’s comforting.”

At clients’ request, I’ve begun offering private tarot and palmistry lessons via Skype, coaching sessions for budding writers (including homework that is emailed to me) and mentoring for clients in private practice as psychics. In each session, I’m cosy and warm, sipping tea and avoiding Sydney traffic. It’s nice to arrive at work without any idea of what a crowded carriage on the Sydney rail network feels like.


Correspondence course update.

 For students using my correspondence course to learn the tarot at home, it now includes 30 minutes of email time or up to ten emails with each course so that if they stumble or find anything confusing, they can contact me directly for assistance.

When students are encouraged early on it gives them more confidence to practice and more persistence in learning to read the cards. It’s also an opportunity to iron out any bad habits early on.

I’ll soon offer three versions of the distance course with variants of

I’ve even begun to put students in touch with other students interstate and locally so that they can practice telephone or Skype readings. I often remind students that doing is learning. Nothing replaces experience for strengthening skills and building confidence.



TarotPrivate lessons

From creative writing to the psychic scanning of animals, there has been an increase in students wanting private lessons this year. It may be that more people want to learn tarot reading, palmistry or intuitive development but don’t have several Sundays to devote to study. It’s also possible that individuals are becoming increasingly time poor these days, fitting private lessons in when they can.

Writing students often prefer private lessons to be able to focus in-depth on a work in progress. Sometimes a good story idea needs careful polishing before it shines. Writers also benefit from a second pair of eyes looking at their work and asking questions that readers might be asking when it’s published.

These lessons have given me a chance to try out a few new techniques and to design a range of charts, writing exercises and forms for students to use. For psychic development students, these charts can help them to improve the focus their readings. I’ll use some of these forms in the advanced Intuition book I’m currently writing.

Like the advanced tarot book (Tarot Masterclass), I’m surprised at the direction I’m pursuing with the new Intuition book. The first half of this book is concerned with systems to improve accuracy and focus readings. It includes specific forms to help readers

The second part of the book will be more focussed on spiritual nourishment; the underlying purpose for psychic development, without which predictions seem hollow. This section will offer tools to reveal what might best nourish readers emotionally and spiritually throughout life.

In the rush to have a comfortable life or provide for a family, we risk forgetting that in 100 years we will be gone, taking with us only what we learned on our journeys through life. Writing this book is as much a reminder to myself as I hope it will be for readers.

Author’s page on Amazon

I’ve recently uploaded a link to one of my YouTube videos to my Amazon Author’s page. This single page showcases all of my books and a range of my online articles next to some of my video clips.  You can also find more on Instagram  #paulfentonsmith


Course Dates for 2018

Introductory Tarot     February 11, 18 & 25th, 2018    PDF brochure      Click here to enrol.

Spend a few days with like-minded people while discovering yourself and your future through the tarot. Watch demonstration readings and gain some hands-on experience with tarot readings during the practice sessions. Paul’s book The Tarot Revealed is included in the course fee. BYO tarot cards and bring some questions to ask during the demonstrations or the practice sessions.


Psychic Development course – Sydney      March  11, 18 and 25th 2018

Click Here for a PDF brochure:        Click here to enrol.

Based on Paul’s book Intuition this three Sundays course offers a chance to identify your psychic strengths and to try a range of different prediction methods. Psychic cleansing and protection techniques are also included.


Introductory Palmistry     May  6, 13 & 20th, 2018    PDF brochure

This course unlocks the secrets of your life contained in your hands. Palmistry can reveal your character traits, most suitable career directions, major love relationships and health areas to watch. Using students hands, Paul demonstrates how to give a palm reading, step by step. There are also regular practice sessions to build your skills and your confidence in the reading process.

Psychic Development course – Melbourne      Date to be confirmed, 2018

Brochure:        Click here to enrol.

Based on Paul’s book Intuition this three Sundays course offers a chance to identify your psychic strengths and to try a range of different prediction methods. Psychic cleansing and protection techniques are also included. This course is held in South Yarra, close to cafes for lunch.


Advanced Tarot course.     October 21 & 28 and November 4th, 2018             Click here to enrol.

This is designed for people who have completed Paul’s introductory course and want to delve deeper into tarot readings. In this advanced course we focus on a range of different tarot layouts, making sense of Yes / No readings, determining when Court cards  depict people or situations and designing your own layout. There are several telephone or Skype reading demonstrations where students can observe or participate. We also explore ways to improve intuition when reading for clients. There are regular practice sessions, games and exercises to strengthen the learning process. A new expanded edition of Paul’s book Mastering the Tarot is included in the course fee.     Course brochure.


Tarot Masterclass    Dates to be confirmed.

This is an advanced course to strengthen your tarot reading skills and improve tarot practice. Accuracy in Yes/No questions and telephone readings are covered, as well as how to build a tarot business. Paul’s book Tarot Masterclass included in the course fee.

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