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A Secret Door to the Universe Kindle e-book

Price: $10.70


We are all spiritual masters in the making. Imagine having no past to weigh you down or call you back for resolution. A history that has been resolved is feather-light baggage. Instead of being hampered by emotional and spiritual baggage, you can proceed steadily towards your goals with a deep sense of purpose.

This book is about one person’s journey to where we might go after death. Although the body dies, the spirit lives on to continue a longer passage home. It offers a glimpse of that voyage and reveals some of the preparations that can be made for the most important journey we will attempt. It is a reminder of the spiritual purpose underlying physical existence and a quest to uncover a hidden, deeper purpose to life.

This book offers techniques to clarify your spiritual purpose. It also

  • Illuminates a path to inner peace and bliss.
  • Explains how psychic energy cords to others are formed and how these cords can drain personal reserves of energy.
  • Details ways to resolve the past and to become centred in the present.
  • Clarifies the purpose of living and deceased spiritual masters.
  • Empowers you to explore the universe for yourself.
  • Offers practical techniques for psychic cleansing and protection.

A Secret Door to the Universe presents a glimpse of the journey home to our spiritual source.

Paul Fenton-Smith has been the principal of The Academy of Psychic Sciences in Sydney since 1985. Paul has studied and practised psychic studies in Australia, Europe and the US since 1978. The author of ten books including the recent bestseller ‘Intuition’, Paul’s aim is to clarify psychic and spiritual development techniques.

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Reviews of this e-book

Thank you for writing this book, I have heard about psychic cords before but didn’t know how powerful they are. Reading about the cords has made me think about the karmic implications and the souls evolution.  This book contains explanations, helpful hints and guides to meditation exercises to get you started on your spiritual journey. Jene C.  (Queensland, Australia)

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Paul Fenton-Smith has written ten self-development books on tarot, palmistry, spiritual development and intuition, including the best-selling Tarot Revealed which includes Chinese and Czech language editions. Click here for more details.
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