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Positive guidance through: Pure Clairvoyance, Counselling, Tarot, Palmistry, Astrology and Hypnotherapy

CDs and DVDs

You can learn to read the tarot in your own time and in the comfort of your own home. This introductory course includes everything you need to begin your journey of self discovery with the tarot. It is suitable for beginners who want to discover the ancient mysteries of tarot card reading.

Based on Paul's face to face tarot courses conducted since 1985, this is the perfect alternative for you if you cannot attend a Sydney tarot course. You can learn the cards at your own pace, building your skills and your confidence through giving readings to friends and completing the short assessments in the tarot workbook.

Course content

This course offers a step-by-step guide to tarot reading and includes:

  • Paul's introductory tarot book The Tarot Revealed.
  • a Rider Waite tarot deck, including a blank card.
  • Paul's Discover the Tarot DVD, which demonstrates the tarot reading process using real readings. A USB version is also included.
  • a Tarot Workbook which includes 19 lessons and 8 self assessments to help you to check your progress.
  • a Tarot Log to list your practice readings.
  • six A4 laminated colour tarot posters to help you to master the tarot.
  • an A4 colour Cards for Health poster showing the cards representing each area of the body.
  • email follow up with Paul Fenton-Smith (30 minutes of questions about the tarot), if you encounter any hurdles.

The course takes you step by step through each card, giving the upright and reversed meanings. It explains how to give a reading and offers several layouts including:

  • a Karma Reading.
  • a Seven Card layout for general readings.
  • a Seven Card layout for specific Yes / No questions.
  • the simple One Card Cut.
  • a Spiritual Direction layout.

It also include tips on becoming a reader and how to effectively make the transition from a beginner to a practising tarot reader. Based on Paul's 33 years experience studying and teaching the tarot, this simple, practical course helps to remove the mystery from tarot reading and inspires you to become the best reader you can be.

It allows you to study the tarot at your own pace and the DVD helps to refresh you if you take an extended break from your tarot studies. The DVD gives you a simple overview of tarot reading and it includes tips for psychic cleansing between readings. The DVD is also available on USB.

Course fee

The correspondence course fee is $395. Please note that overseas delivery attracts an additional postage fee, depending on the distance.

Feedback on this course

The Introductory tarot-correspondence course is a must for anyone who wants a clear understanding of the tarot.  The supporting book contains wonderful insights into the symbolism and various interpretations of the cards as well as a number of tarot spreads. Using the Tarot is really helping me in seeing where I need to go. It also contains great tips for psychic cleansing and how to use the tarot wisely.   I have found the course invaluable.  The cards have been an great tool for my personal growth and expansion.  Thank you Paul.  

Sylvie M. (Sydney)

I have restarted my Tarot Correspondence Course after a break and I am not feeling overwhelmed any more. I have worked out a good way for me to really get the information into my head, using your well thought out simple methods.
I am planning now to have finished the course and also to have my 50 readings under my belt by the end of 2015. I would like to get my certificate so that I can start a business in 2016.
Mimi. (Melbourne)

Price: $395.00


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This CD offers four guided meditations, ranging from basic to advanced, making it suitable for beginners and those experienced with meditation.

  • Basic meditation is a simple meditation for beginners or those who find meditating difficult.
  • Garden exploration offers a deeper meditation, including a cleansing and re-balancing walk through a large garden.
  • Garden Forgiveness includes the chance to forgive someone from your past in order to release emotional energy for present-day life.
  • Garden Younger Self offers the chance to meet yourself as a child, in order to offer your younger self advice and support.

There is no background music to these meditations, as some listeners are easily distracted by background music.

Tip: For best results, listen to the whole CD and then only listen to the meditation you prefer.

Written and spoken by Paul Fenton-Smith.
Academy Publishing 2001

Old Price: $29.95

Price: $27.95

You save: $2.00! (6.68%)


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Guided Meditations to help you to clear the path to love. This CD is for those who are ready to release past relationships and make room in their hearts for new love. Sometimes, the emotional baggage of the past prevents us from being ready for love when it arrives.

Offering three powerful guided meditations, this CD helps you to clear away the past, resolve the present and open your heart to love.

With repeated use this CD can help you to be ready when opportunities for love present themselves.

It is important to listen to track one 15 times (15 days in a row) before listening to track two. Then listen to the second meditation 15 times and then the final mediation for 15 times. This ensures you enjoy the strongest results from each meditation.

  • Clearing the Past
  • Forgiveness and Release
  • Opening Your Heart

Written and spoken by Paul Fenton-Smith.

Old Price: $29.95

Price: $27.95

You save: $2.00! (6.68%)


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Guided Meditations to Improve Your Intuition.

Guided meditations to Improve your intuition offers three powerful meditations to develop and strengthen your intuition. With regular practice this CD can help you to spiritually cleanse and re-balance yourself as you improve your intuition. It includes three simple, yet effective meditations without background music as musicians can find music distracting. The meditations include:

  • Psychic Cleansing Meditation. This is perfect for cleansing and re-balancing yourself after a difficult day. With regular use, it helps you to stay balanced and focussed in your life.  Duration: 10.59
  • White Room Meditation. This is a powerful meditation for contacting your higher self to ask specific questions. It helps you to tap into that part of you which already knows the answers to your current questions. Duration: 17.16
  • Mountain Top Meditation.  This relaxing journey to a mountain top is an effective tool to help you to meet and to communicate with two of your spirit guides.  Duration: 18.52

Feedback on this CD:   The cd is a godsend.  Its the only meditation cd I have actually been able to do without my mind being everywhere else.  A.S. (Melbourne)


Old Price: $29.95

Price: $27.95

You save: $2.00! (6.68%)


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This tarot DVD or USB offers a simple introduction to the ancient art of tarot reading. Based on more than 20 years experience, this engaging and insightful guide to tarot reading is both practical and realistic.

Including footage of a variety of actual readings, Discover the Tarot offers tips on

  • developing your own intuition.
  • how to word your questions for increased accuracy.
  • the importance of cleansing yourself after each reading.
  • the shuffling and card reversal process.
  • games for psychic development

It also It also addresses the issue of tarot dependence and the importance of free-will. In a subject which is often shrouded in mystery and spooky undertones, it is refreshing to see a practical approach to the tarot. Paul presents tarot reading as a useful tool to assist in decision making, highlighting the importance of preparing clear questions and using your common sense when consulting the cards.

Some procedures such as how to reverse cards while shuffling and laying out the card for clients to select, can't be accurately described in a book, but are easily demonstrated on video.

"It is essential that tarot readers tell clients about the past and present circumstances before making any predictions, as it can be argued that prediction is merely planting seeds in the mind of the client," states Fenton-Smith. He asserts that if a tarot reader correctly confirms recent past incidents and present circumstances, clients are likely to have more faith in the reader’s predictions of future events.

At around 40 minutes, Discover the Tarot is packed with beneficial information, useful tips and practical advice for both readers and clients.

Please note:  This DVD is in PAL format and is suitable for playing in DVD players in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Germany. The USB version (USB 2.0) includes two demonstrations readings and the total running time is just over 50 minutes.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

The DVD is in PAL format and may not be playable on NTSC or SECAM DVD players. By request we can send you an NTSC format disc for players in the US or Japan.

Old Price: $29.95

Price: $24.95

You save: $5.00! (16.69%)


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This CD uses hypnosis to help you to restore natural, healthy sleep patterns, which in turn can help improve your daily    concentration. It can also help to improve your state of mind when you awaken feeling rested and relaxed. For best results, use either track on the CD once each day and allow six weeks for results to become evident.

This CD contains two, almost identical tracks.

Track one offers a deep, relaxing hypnosis with powerful suggestions to help you to enjoy a normal, natural, healthy sleep at night. It is suitable for use at any time of the day
as it guides you out of hypnosis at the end of the track, leaving you wide awake for the rest of the day.

Track two is suitable for use at the end of the day as you prepare for sleep. It's also effective if you have woken up during the night as it doesn't include a wake up suggestion at the end of the track. This means that you can drift off into a deep relaxing sleep at the end of this track.

Restful Sleep offers you the chance to gradually retrain your sleeping patterns, replacing restless, interrupted sleep with deep rest. After all, a positive and effective day depends on a good night's sleep.

Old Price: $29.95

Price: $27.95

You save: $2.00! (6.68%)


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This CD includes powerful, gentle hypnosis to gradually restore self-esteem and inner strength. Confidence in a positive outcome strengthens courage to pursue your dreams. When setbacks or obstacles arise, self-confidence can be the difference between abandoning plans or finding alternative paths to personal goals.

Self Confidence is a powerful method of improving inner strength, self-assurance and self-worth, helping you to pursue individual life goals. This CD contains two, almost identical tracks.

Track one includes a wake up suggestion so that you can resume your daily routines afterwards. Track two allows you to drift off into a relaxing sleep after hearing the positive suggestions, making it suitable for use at bedtime.

Track 1 (with wake up) 12.25 minutes.

Track 2 (without wake up) 9.20 minutes.

This Self-Confidence CD is the product of Paul's 29 years experience as a clinical hypnotherapist. Aside from the successful results experienced by past clients, Paul has recently trialled the CD with a group of volunteers who used it almost daily for a three-month period.  For best results, repetitive use produces effective, long lasting effects. The levels of personal confidence achieved using this CD depend on how regularly you use the CD along with your levels of confidence at the outset.

Spoken by Paul Fenton-Smith D.C.H. Paul is a clinical hypnotherapist, counsellor and author and has worked in private practice in Sydney since 1986. Paul's other CD's include Restful Sleep and Guided Meditations.

(c) Copyright 2015 Paul Fenton-Smith.  ISBN 9780 9807 17945

Feedback on this CD

My life has transformed dramatically and continues to. The CD has helped me tune more into myself, being more assertive doing what is right for me, face many fears and cope with challenging people and overwhelming circumstances including beginning to learn to drive again.

I am on my own travelling (something I never thought possible in this way) and simply flowing with life and trusting myself and the universe far more than ever.... I feel ok.  Even when I don't feel ok and I am afraid or worried or have no answers... it no longer stops me from doing things which is incredible.  I feel so proud of myself and empowered now knowing anything is possible. C. N. (Greece)


This CD helped me to relax enough to get to sleep at night, which helped with overall concentration for study. I am not all panicked with the huge workload I have. I just plough through it all bit by bit relentlessly. I’m also calmer.

I’ve noticed the twins (who are also using the CD) have been really working hard lately with their homework and school work. I am immensely pleased with this new vigour and enthusiasm they have shown lately.

It also helps me to sleep. I don’t think I could sleep without it. I find myself just letting the words float over me. It’s wonderful.  M. W. (Adelaide, Australia)



Additional DescriptionMore Details

Self confidence hypnosis CD by Paul Fenton-Smith.

Old Price: $29.95

Price: $26.95

You save: $3.00! (10.02%)


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Paul Fenton-Smith has written ten self-development books on tarot, palmistry, spiritual development and intuition, including the best-selling Tarot Revealed which includes Chinese and Czech language editions. Click here for more details.
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