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Guided Meditations CD

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This CD offers four guided meditations, ranging from basic to advanced, making it suitable for beginners and people who are more experienced with meditation.

  • Basic meditation is a simple meditation for beginners or those who find meditating difficult.
  • Garden exploration offers a deeper meditation, including a cleansing and re-balancing walk through a large garden.
  • Garden Forgiveness includes the chance to forgive someone from your past in order to release emotional energy for present-day life. This simple psychic cord cutting technique is suitable for releasing someone from your life.
  • Garden Younger-Self offers the chance to meet yourself as a child, in order to offer your younger self advice and support.

There is no background music to these meditations, as some listeners are easily distracted by background music.

Tip: For best results, listen to the whole CD and then only listen to the meditation you prefer.

Written and spoken by Paul Fenton-Smith.
Academy Publishing 2001

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