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Positive guidance through: Pure Clairvoyance, Counselling, Tarot, Palmistry, Astrology and Hypnotherapy

Telephone or Skype Readings

Price: from $120.00


A telephone or Skype tarot reading allows you to clarify your issues from the convenience of your home or office. A 30 minute reading includes a general reading and up to four questions, while a 45 minute reading includes up to six questions. It's the perfect choice if you live overseas or are travelling and need help with a decision.

Combining tarot and clairvoyance, this short-term reading covers the past two years, the present and the next two years. For an additional $10 you can have a CD or a USB recording of your reading.

30 minute telephone readings cover a general reading and up to four questions, depending on how much detail the client wants with each question. Increased use of use of intuition is required in a telephone reading, as I can't see the facial expressions of the client. After forming a psychic link via the telephone during the call, I select cards in my office on their behalf. As I select I might mentally ask "What does the future hold for Karen?" while Karen is on the line. I begin with details about the past two years and the present time to ensure accuracy for predictions.

So how accurate are telephone readings? You can expect between 85% and 90% of the accuracy of a face to face reading. In some cases, particularly with regular telephone clients when I have established a clear psychic link the reading is as clear as if they were sitting before me in my office.

After the phone reading you have a few hours to add to your notes, while you remember it clearly. If you have requested a recording of your reading, the CD or USB will usually arrive in seven days. You can also receive it the same day via Dropbox (email). A recording is recommended as I speak quickly.

Telephone / Skype reading information:

Duration: 30 minutes
What is covered: A general reading and up to four specific questions.
Clarity: You can ask for more detail about any aspect of what has been said as the reading proceeds.
Bookings required: You need to book ahead. Most interstate readings take place in the evening to reduce the cost of your call. Overseas calls depend on your time zone. Sydney time is generally GMT (London time) + 10 hours, depending on Australian and UK daylight saving / summer time.
Payment: Credit card (Visa or MasterCard) debit card or EFTPOS (by phone only).
Fee: AUD$120 or $130 with CD / USB recording.
Conversion rates: For overseas clients, the currency conversion rate is determined by your credit card provider on the date of the transaction.

Extended telephone / Skype readings:

Duration: 45 minutes
What is covered: A general reading and up to six specific questions.
Clarity: You can ask for more details as the reading proceeds.
Fees: AUD$175 or AUD$185 with a CD / USB, including postage.
Conversion rates: The currency conversion rate for overseas clients is determined by your credit card provider on the date of the transaction.

Click on "Add to Cart" below or Contact Paul for a reading on 02 9876 4559
Overseas callers please dial + 61 2 9876 4559

Which reading is right for me?

Feedback on Telephone readings:

Thank you again and I have recommended you to several people. What amazed me most was the way you were able to see things about my life, that you would never have known. I was just bowled over by that. I have had several readings here in the states, and never have I had such a reading like yours.        Sharon NY, USA


For the past 8 years Paul has helped give me invaluable advice and guidance when I really needed it. Time and time again, when there were too many life choices, and I did not have the time or money to follow each path, Paul has helped me narrow it down and set me on the best road. Paul gave me hope, that there was indeed a light at the end of the tunnel, and even though it was further away than I hoped it would be, to know it was there was the greatest comfort, and gift that I could ever have.

I have had readings from all over the world, from the famous and well known, and I highly recommend Paul. He is the one I will keep coming back to.
Rachel    Naracoorte, South Australia

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Paul offers personal readings in Epping (NSW) and distance readings by telephone. A CD recording is included with most readings. Paul also visits other states, see Upcoming Events page for details. Click here for more details.


Paul Fenton-Smith has written ten self-development books on tarot, palmistry, spiritual development and intuition, including the best-selling Tarot Revealed which includes Chinese and Czech language editions. Click here for more details.
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