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Talks and Appearances


Talks and Appearances

Paul Fenton-Smith

Paul Fenton-Smith

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Fate or Free-will?

Are you someone who uses free will to shape your life or do you accept that life if pre-determined? A strong believer in fate is Sandi, a close friend who invites me over to her place to take care of her insects and other pests. Having embraced Buddhism, she cannot take the lives of mosquitos or ants without incurring karma for her actions.

“Don’t you think that the person who orders the hit is as culpable as the hitman?’ I asked her one night after replacing some cockroach baits. She blithely justified her actions while sipping on herbal tea and feeling karma free in the pest control department.

“What if their destinies involve short lives in your kitchen and I’m fulfilling my destiny by dispatching them to the next world?” I asked her. Sandi narrowed her eyes while deciding to find a new pest controller.

The more I explore attitudes to free will of the lack of it in our lives, the more complex it seems to be. Some individuals actively shape their lives and look forward to choices, decisions and alternative paths to take while others are fatalistic about their lives.

What percentage of personal destiny is within our grasp to form and how much has been shaped before we arrived? In a recent palm reading I noticed three separate incidents of trauma had shaped my client’s early life, leaving her emotionally scarred. Later in the reading I saw three children lines on her hand, suggesting she’d have three children. As she was 45 she probably already had them but I sensed that she didn’t have any offspring.

Upon closer inspection her hands also revealed three forked children lines, suggesting three terminations or miscarriages. My client confirmed that she didn’t have children and after a few minutes of reflection, she confirmed three miscarriages. I wondered if she’d have had children if she hadn’t experienced these traumas in her early years.

I’m not a fatalist and I explain to clients that they have free-will in all predictions. The future isn’t written in stone but this palm reading was different because all of the events I was describing had already occurred. Although the past can shape the present or the future, being alert to opportunities and quick to implement appropriate strategies can make a difference with the present. It’s sometimes easy to judge people with any inkling of where or how their journeys began.

In support of the fatalistic argument is the fact that babies are born with hands filled with mounts revealing character traits and lines predicting likely events in their lives. Hands change gradually throughout life, reflecting the decisions people make

I’ll be exploring three fundamental attitudes to fate through a talk on Fate and Free-will at 1:00 pm on Wednesday May the 17th in St Leonards. I’ll also point out that the present exists between our history and our hopes.

Date:  Wednesday May 17th                  Time: 1:00 pm

Venue: The Theosophical Society. 8 / 599 Pacific Highway, St. Leonards NSW

Entrance fee:  $6.00   Entry via Albany Street.      Bookings:    Tel. 02) 9267 6955



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