Paul Fenton-Smith tarot card reading

Bookings and Appointments

All distance and in-person appointments can be booked via the button below. Services that can be booked include

  • Tarot / clairvoyance or Pure clairvoyance readings

  • In person counselling sessions

  • Online coaching or counselling sessions

  • Courses and Private lessons

All in-person bookings are conducted at Epping, NSW Australia.

About Appointments with Paul


Tarot / Clairvoyant readings are short term readings, covering the past two years, the present and up to the next two years. You can ask specific questions about love relationships, career, health, travel, finances and children. After a general reading covering the past, the present and the future, you can ask up to five specific questions. Paul can help you to carefully word your questions for increased accuracy.

A tarot / clairvoyant reading takes one hour and includes a recording of the session for later reference. These readings are useful when you have important decisions to make. Clairvoyance simply means ‘clear seeing’ and during your reading Paul is likely to see and describe to you images upcoming events in your life. Sometimes these images are of events further than two years into the future.

Combining tarot and clairvoyance, this short-term reading covers the past two years, the present and the next two years. It includes a link to download your recording, usually emailed within 24 hours. You can download your recording directly to your phone or desktop. A recording helps to make more sense of your session in the coming months.

Increased use of use of intuition is required in a telephone reading, as the facial expressions are not evident, except on Skype or FaceTime. After forming a psychic link during the call, Paul selects cards on the client’s behalf. When selecting, he’ll focus on each agreed question. He’ll then outline the past two years and the present time before proceeding with predictions.

The desired duration of a distance reading may change depending on your lifestyle.

  • 30 minute readings include a general reading and up to four questions. It’s the perfect choice if you’re busy and need help with a decision.
  • 45 minute readings include a general reading and up to six questions. It’s the perfect choice if you need help with a range of important decisions. ometimes complex issues require two or three questions before you have explored all options.
  • One hour readings include a general reading and up to eight questions. It’s the perfect choice if you are busy and need help with a range of important decisions.

This powerful and insightful reading doesn’t rely on tarot cards, palms, astrology or numerology, just pure clairvoyance. During your 50-minute reading Paul will sit with you, quietly examining images from your past, the present and your future. He’ll detail major life events, and describe important people and situations, often giving your age when events will occur.

A Pure Clairvoyance reading offers a glimpse of the bigger picture of your life, and it may help you to make sense of your purpose here in life. You have free-will to change anything which is predicted. It provides a glimpse of the major events throughout your whole life, and sometimes Paul might describe those who will meet you on the other side, after you pass away.

Spirit guides and deceased relatives may be contacted during the reading, but only if they are readily available, as it is best not to disturb the deceased.

You can prepare a few important questions, but sometimes it is better to simply sit and listen. There will be periods of silence as Paul seeks background information to give the images he is seeing more relevance. At these times asking questions can interrupt his train of thought.

Because pure clairvoyance readings can be draining and require a delicate spiritual balance, Paul offers a strictly limited number of these readings per month. This means that there may be a waiting period for an appointment. If you want more immediate answers, you might find an earlier appointment for a tarot / clairvoyant reading.

  • Recording: A recording is emailed to you for download.
  • Please bring: A few important issues or questions.
  • To prepare: Please avoid alcohol for 24 hours prior to your reading for best results.
  • Limitations: Only one Pure Clairvoyance reading is permitted per year. This reading may contain practical and spiritual information and may require a review of the recording to make complete sense to you.

Counselling & Coaching

Private coaching sessions are a great way to strengthen skills, map out a path to personal goals or simply overcome weaker areas. It’s possible to tailor coaching sessions to your needs, focussing precisely on the areas that need attention. Paul offers personal and telephone coaching sessions in:

  • Writing – from product descriptions for your website to resumes, short biographies, press releases and whole books. Mapping out practical steps to make creative goals real.
  • Career direction – identifying how to move forward and mapping out the steps to career goals.
  • Improving tarot reading skills.
  • Strengthening personal intuition.
  • Health – focusing on health goals, including better sleep, improved fitness and stress management.
  • Business – building and maintaining a creative business.
  • Teaching – designing, writing and producing courses.

Paul encourages clients to strengthen the skills they have while delegating tasks to others who have specific skills to enhance the project.

You don’t need to be an ‘all-rounder’ to successfully complete personal projects. Some coaching clients have a clearly formed idea for a book but don’t have the time or the skills to write the book. In these instances, Paul has encouraged them to find a sympathetic ghost writer to interview them with a digital recorder and then write the book in the clients’ own words.

Paul has also coached clients to start and to build small businesses, assess ideas to determine if they are feasible and make creative their ideas real. From writing a family history to filming a DVD, many creative people with good ideas need a little help to bring their concepts to life.

Paul’s personal coaching sessions last an hour and he may set homework to be completed between visits. This helps maintain momentum and move the project towards a successful outcome.

Counselling involves one-to-one sessions that allow room for you to explore your past and present issues. It can involve talking, reflecting and trying out new behaviours. This process assists with the eventual resolution of inner conflict regarding past experiences, often allowing you to live more fully in the present.

From offering clients space to grieve, to express personal feelings or to think aloud, counselling is an effective tool to redress unresolved issues. Setting achievable goals and removing or changing negative behaviour patterns can also be realised through counselling. It offers a chance to be heard and the opportunity to be supported towards the life you desire.

Fundamentally based on conversation, counselling presents an opportunity to talk things through without judgement while generating new possibilities for action and insight into behaviour. Counselling sessions take an hour and they are usually spaced one week apart. From time to time a review of the counselling process is encouraged, to assist you to remain aware of your purpose and to check your progress.

The long-term rewards of ongoing counselling can include inner peace, self-confidence and a balanced view of your past and the present. Counselling requires ongoing commitment and effort and this effort is often rewarded with a sense of fulfilment and inner peace.

Courses and Private Lessons

Private lessons are perfect for individuals who have attended a course or read one of Paul’s books and want to build confidence to read for others. Private lessons are tailored to the individual. Past students have booked private tutorials to:

  • Discover their natural intuitive strengths.
  • Improve their knowledge of the hands.
  • Strengthen personal understanding of the Court Cards of the Tarot.
  • Discover the basics of astrology.
  • Learn how to tie a Tarot reading together into one clear picture.
  • Discover how to interpret an astrology chart.
  • Find a stronger connection with spiritual guides for personal development, or
  • Clarify personal life purpose.

Personal lessons can be taken here in Epping NSW or interstate when Paul’s visits Melbourne or Brisbane. They are also available on Skype, FaceTime and Zoom. Private lessons are not recorded but students are free to take notes. Paul has designed charts and forms to make the process easier and students can download these forms before each lesson or take them home from in-person lessons.

If you need practice with hand-reading or tarot skills, it’s possible to arrange to have personal lessons with other students. Up to five students can attend a private lesson and the fee per lesson per person is reduced with each additional student attending.

For details of Paul’s next Zoom courses, click here.

These short, fun workshops provide a quick dive into the tarot, palmistry, astrology, soul mates, spiritual cleansing or intuitive development. They include interesting demonstrations and group activities to build skills while reigniting your spark for learning. Held on Zoom, these 90-minute sessions include games and exercises to help participants gain valuable personal experience.

These provide opportunities to learn with like-minded people and discover your personal talents. Paul also teaches 3-day certificate courses in Epping NSW. These have been paused during COVID but will resume in 2024.