Pure Clairvoyance Readings

While Tarot / Clairvoyant readings are aimed at answering specific questions about health, career, love relationships, travel and finances, Pure Clairvoyance readings are more suited to those who have no questions. They are designed to offer a series of snapshots of the glorious mountain peaks and the deep valleys ahead in your life. Receiving a [...]

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Preparing For Your Next Reading

Recently I spoke with a friend who was about to have a tarot reading. Being inexperienced he didn’t realise that he was able to ask specific questions during the reading. He was surprised to learn that it was possible to approach the reading as you might approach a consultant; with goals, questions and specific issues [...]

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What the Other Reader Said

Two people recently consulted a number of clairvoyants over a two week period, to see how many of them gave similar predictions, with a view to publishing their results. Their aim was to compare the number of similar predictions. This is a bit of an unscientific experiment. Unless the pair recorded the predictions and allowed [...]

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