How can I finally pursue my chosen career?

During a recent Tarot / Clairvoyance reading my client, Jacob explained that he had spent more than 30 years studying a range of natural therapies and alternative practitioner skills including naturopathy, kinesiology, meditation, NLP, flowers essences, astrology, spiritual healing and hypnotherapy. Despite these studies and several attempts to set up a private practice, he was [...]

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Pure Clairvoyance Readings

While Tarot / Clairvoyant readings are aimed at answering specific questions about health, career, love relationships, travel and finances, Pure Clairvoyance readings are more suited to those who have no questions. They are designed to offer a series of snapshots of the glorious mountain peaks and the deep valleys ahead in your life. Receiving a [...]

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Life Changing Decisions

As my niece's geese stepped between the leftover refuse of nephews, I realised that the decision to set up camp in my sister’s back garden was ill informed. Those inhabiting the tent hadn’t slept a wink all night, disturbed by the wind, nocturnal animals and their vivid imaginations. At least it was only an overnight [...]

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Exploring Past Lives

In the exploration of past lives, it is important to remember that there are basically two types of memory. The first is genetic memory, which is passed down through the generations, from parents to their children or grandchildren. This is evident when innate talents such a natural ability to play an instrument or to draw, [...]

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Spiritually Cleansing Your Home

Arriving home from a stressful day at work can be a relief, but there is a chance that you are bringing some of your emotional work baggage with you. As you relax, this work stress or emotional negativity disperses throughout your home like the smoke from a single cigarette, gradually permeating every room. This unnoticed [...]

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Two Perceptions – One Holiday

Kirsten's holiday picture. When Marc and Kirsten recently holidayed in Hawaii they each sent a picture of the view from their hotel balcony. Kirsten sent the Facebook version with palm trees swaying in a gentle breeze on golden sands, immediately setting the scene of a fabulous holiday in the sun. Surfers floated on [...]

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Fate versus Free-will

Are our lives fated from the moment we take our first breath or do we create our destinies through our decisions and actions? There are basically three different approaches to fate, so which approach do you take in life? Fatalism. Ancient studies of astrology, palmistry and mysticism have long maintained that each individual is fated [...]

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The Benefits of Consulting a Medium

When you have lost someone dear to you, the pain and confusion can be overwhelming. During these periods of loss  some people find themselves consumed with regret over past opportunities not pursued and filled with fear about their own mortality. As the grief subsides it occurs to you that although you’ve lost someone close, your life [...]

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