Most of us are aware how the Full moon heightens emotions, signals a king tide for those at sea or fishing on the coast and allows for a long stroll on the beach at night in the warmer months. Few people are aware of which Full moons leave them feeling at odds with themselves.

When the Full moon is in your sign or opposite your sign, then you’ll feel torn between your thoughts and feelings for a day or two. This is because the moon effects emotions and the Sun represents thoughts. When these two are opposite one another (as they are during each Full moon) you may experience conflict between thoughts and feelings.

To determine what sign you are and when the moon is in your sign or your opposite sign, consult the chart below. Please remember that with leap years these dates can vary up to two days. It pays to remember that the Full moon is always opposite the Sun, so when the Sun is in Aries, the Full moon for that month will be in the opposite sign; Libra. In this way, when you gaze up at a soft yellow moon rising and you know the date, you’ll know what sign the moon is in.

Moon Signs

Moon Signs

Each Full moon heightens different qualities within us. The Aries Full moon encourages action and sometimes impatience. Next time you’re leaning on the car horn and shaking your fist as you shout over the car stereo, take a look at the size of the moon (after you’ve parked the car of course).

The Taurean moon encourages eating, so restaurants are usually full then. You may also want to spend time in the garden now. The Gemini Full moon encourages communication, and ‘call waiting’ was designed for days like these. The Cancerian Full moon is likely to leave you feeling wistful, creative and romantic, while the Leo Full moon is the perfect time for creativity and to dress up and be seen. The Virgo Full moon offers the perfect time to edit your resume, clean the house and clarify your life goals, while the Libran Full moon offers the chance to socialise, to pursue romance or to negotiate in order to resolve a conflict.

The Scorpio Full moon increases emotional and sexual intensity, making this a time to meditate, to delve into your hidden depths or to grab a bottle of tequila and a partner and book a room in the Hotel Del Sol. The Sagittarius Full moon heightens the need for freedom and space, so take a run or a long walk to relieve the tension. The Capricorn Full moon offers the perfect time to work hard, to restructure your life in a realistic manner, while the Aquarian Full moon brings out the zany eccentricity within you. These are days to socialise, to see an unusual film or to do something you’ve never done before. The Piscean Full moon increases romance and heightens intuition. It can also heighten your thirst, so if you have a few friends over for dinner, expect them to drink the cellar dry.

It is said that women are more effected by the moon’s cycles than men, and in some ancient African tribes the men and women separate for two or three days each month during the Balsamic moon phase (just before the New moon) as women feel less visible or noticed during this period. I don’t know if this temporary separation was to allow the women to reflect on their lives each month or to reduce their feelings of being unacknowledged by the men.

Next time your neighbour goes ballistic or the kids start playing up, check the moon. I have a friend who marks the calendar at the start of each year, and announces that “there will be no chocolate consumed in this house on these dates. She grew tired of the wars at home during chocolate fuelled, Full moon periods.

The August Full moon occurs on the 12th and is in Aquarius. It is likely to leave Leos and Aquarians feeling at odds with yourselves for a few days. The September Full moon occurs on the 11th in the sign of Pisces. For more information about the moon, click here to see the monthly moon signs chart. It offers a humorous yet accurate guide to the moon each month.