Distance Palmistry course on Zoom


Spend some time with like-minded people as you explore the ancient study of palmistry. Discover what your hands reveal about you and allow this knowledge to illuminate the motivations of friends, family and co-workers. We’ll use clear photos of hands to bring the subject to life and explore students’ hands in lesson four and five, so have some photos of your hands ready. This course is based on Paul’s 45 years of hand reading and his book, Palmistry Revealed.


Paul will be teaching an intro palmistry course on Zoom as a series of 11 one-hour lessons, starting on Wednesday March the 22nd. Based on his book Palmistry Revealed, this fun course includes dozens of photos of hands to clarify each point and some notes as a download. Palmistry explores a person’s whole life, with one hand showing what you’ve inherited and the other revealing how you’ve changed your destiny through personal choices.

Spend some time with like-minded people as you explore this ancient study that can illuminate the motivations of friends, family and co-workers. Private lessons usually cost $105 per hour per student but these are reduced to $75 per person per hour for this small group.

Lessons four and five briefly examine students’ hands to identify their prominent mounts, revealing character traits, ideal career directions and health areas to watch. Students are welcome to email clear photos of their hands for inclusion in this process.

Paul will also explain how to date the Life-line, to identify major life events, before guiding students through the ten-step process. Dates and times for each lesson are below. All times are Sydney times.

6:00 pm on Wed. March 22nd.

12:00 pm on Sat. 25th.

7:00 pm on Wed. 29th.

12:00 Sat. April 1st.

7:00 pm on Wed. 5th.

6:00 – 8:00 pm on Mon. 10th.

6:00 – 8:00 pm on Wed. 12th

12:00 – 2:00 pm on Sat. 15th.

You’ll need Zoom software for this and it’s a free download. Paul will send each student a link to each lesson for them to click the link and join each session as arranged. This is the only palmistry course he’ll run this year.

The final 3 lessons are two hours each. If you cannot make one of the lessons, Paul can arrange to run it privately but only single lessons per student. Paul’s book Palmistry Revealed is the course notes and you’ll need to have a copy of this to save you taking notes throughout. This book includes 100+ line drawings and around 100 colour photographs to bring palmistry to life.

Paul has been teaching palmistry since 1981 and no intuition is required to learn how to read hands.  See this short video on what to expect from this course.



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