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This fun course is for those who have little or no experience with hand reading, as it covers all the basics in a step by step manner. The mysteries of the hand are revealed through Paul’s dynamic and insightful delivery, and all students hands are used to demonstrate the theories.


Courses will resume when circumstances allow.         PDF brochure

Who is it for?
This course is for those who have little or no experience with hand reading, as it covers all the basics in a step by step manner. The mysteries of the hand are revealed through Paul’s dynamic and insightful delivery and students hands are used to demonstrate the theories.

Students are requested not to wear fingernail polish so that we can examine the ‘moons’ or crescent shapes beneath the base of the fingernails and any nail ridging for confirmation of physical health. Colour, shape and size of the nails also reveals important information about your health.

This beginners course is suitable for those who want to understand themselves, or discover the hidden talents and character traits of friends and family members through the study of personality types as shown in the hands. It is also for people who want to know their most suitable career path, parents who want to guide their children towards interests and careers to which they are most suited and those who want to understand natures map of our lives.  See Paul’s recent TV appearance reading hands from photographs. See Paul’s Today Show live palm readings.

Course content
As this is an introductory course, emphasis is given to practice readings, as we examine how the hands reveal our inner natures. This course covers:

  • the five basic hand types and their corresponding approaches to life.
  • how the mounts of the hands reveal the personality types and health concerns.
  • how to recognise personality types from their physical build, complexion, mannerisms etc.
  • the Life, Head and Heart lines.
  • confirming past events through the lines.
  • predicting future events through reading the lines.
  • the Fate line and your career.
  • the Sun line and creativity.
  • how the Family Chain reveals your emotional connection to family.
  • the Relationship Lines and the Lines of Children.

Course notes
Course notes are included in the form of Paul’s full colour book Palmistry Revealed, which is included in the course price. This allows you to focus on the reading process instead of taking notes continuously. If you already have a copy of Palmistry Revealed, you’ll receive a refund of the book price on the first day of the course.

Tip: Palmistry courses vary, so if you’re unsure if this course is right for you, read Paul’s book Palmistry Revealed. If you like the book you’ll enjoy the course.

A certificate is granted to those who successfully complete written and practical assessments. The practical component of the assessment involves giving a reading to a stranger. The reading will be recorded and the client given a copy just as it would in private practice. Assessments are optional. It is necessary to complete (and to record in your palmistry log) 50 palm readings before sitting for an assessment. This log needs to be presented at the assessment. The fee for an assessment is$100. and assessments are by appointment only. They can be completed at your leisure.

Course location
All Sydney courses are held in Epping NSW and interstate courses are held at different locations. Please email or phone for details.

Course times
Sydney courses are held on three consecutive Sundays, from 10:00 am until 5:30 pm. Morning and afternoon tea is supplied and there is a generous lunch break with many local cafes and take away food suppliers close by.

Course fees
The cost of the introductory Palmistry course is $450.00. including GST. This includes a copy of Paul’s book  Palmistry Revealed. If you already have this book you’ll receive a refund of $25. on the first day of the course.

Repeat offer
When you have completed a course at the Academy you can repeat that course within two years for only $140. incl. GST, subject to available space. This ensures that students have every opportunity to master their chosen subjects at their own pace. (The repeat fee is subject to change without notice).

Dates:  To be advised
Times: Each Sunday 10:00am to 5:30pm
Venue: 8A Hillside Crescent, Epping NSW
Fees:    $450.00 including Palmistry Revealed and a course workbook.

Can’t wait for the next course? Paul also offer private lessons in Epping NSW and on Skype.

Click here to see some unusual hand photos with descriptions.  Click here to see Paul’s YouTube palm videos.

Feedback on this course:

Paul’s course is AMAZING for palmistry students of all levels, with primary focus on the beginner. He is a kind and natural teacher explaining complex concepts in a simple and engaging manner utilising humour and stories which enhance memory retention. As the course is quite intimate it is possible to ask lots of questions and a personal highlight is observing examples on the hands of the other students present and the practice sessions which allow for application of our new knowledge. To top it all off the course run in Epping is in a beautiful and calm area right next to Edna Hunt Sanctuary, a 17 acre park. Stephanie N. – (Sydney)
Thank you for an interesting, info-packed course. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I will definitely need to read your book over and let all the facts sink in. It’s amazing to see events in my life all mapped out in my hands. T.V. – (Sydney)


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