While Tarot / Clairvoyant readings are aimed at answering specific questions about health, career, love relationships, travel and finances, Pure Clairvoyance readings are more suited to those who have no questions. They are designed to offer a series of snapshots of the glorious mountain peaks and the deep valleys ahead in your life.

Receiving a positive clairvoyant reading when in the middle of a personal winter can reignite hope. It can also give you a reminder that winters don’t last, offering a glimpse of the summers ahead of you. A glimpse of several forthcoming glorious summers can make even the coldest winter more bearable. It can galvanise you, lending you the necessary courage to rebuild your life after deep loss or a searing disappointment.

Pure Clairvoyance readings don’t cover your whole life, but offer glimpses along the way. These brief events unveil the overall patterns of your life through revealing the milestones such as weddings, the arrival of a new baby, purchase of your dream home or some of the steps to personal financial stability.

An effective reading offers hope for the future without upsetting the equilibrium of the present.

This is why some information is revealed to you at the time and other information is withheld. As the reader I don’t consciously withhold details, but sometimes I’m unable to perceive those events about which the client is not meant to know. A reading is simply a short chance to scrutinise your life.

From the reader’s perspective, I am sometimes as surprised by the revelations as the client, when events fifteen or twenty years ahead are traced back to decisions and actions taken long ago. This capacity to link actions and their likely consequences is possible because in a Pure Clairvoyance reading I perceive up to five times as many images as I see in a tarot/ clairvoyant reading. This requires that I decide where I’m going to linger in the client’s life as revealed on a time-line. With some clients, no matter where I pause to describe images and circumstances, they can instantly relate to events being witnessed. In other cases, an event makes no sense to the client unless a previous event is described, to give it context.

When I saw Nicole refusing a glass of red wine explaining to her partner that she didn’t drink red wine, it made no sense to her as she was single. When I scanned back three weeks prior to that incident it was possible to tell Nicole that she and her relationship partner started out as friends, travelling Europe together. After a relaxing sleep-in she had awakened on a warm summer morning in France to be told that lunch consisted of crusty bread, cheese, salad and red wine.

“But I don’t drink red wine,” she declared.

“Neither do I,” came the reply. “Drink up,” he said, roughly slicing the fresh bread with a cheese knife.

For months I had been talking about offering a reading which was purely clairvoyant (based on seeing images without using any of the traditional tools such as tarot cards, palmistry, astrology, numerology etc.) when my life suddenly hit a wall. My partner left and I felt like a tiny atoll, adrift in the South Pacific. Although I’m usually self motivated and enthusiastic, I was unexpectedly lost. Two half finished books, a CD and various other creative projects held no appeal. They gathered dust while I sat gazing at the piano keyboard, trying to remember how to play.

A friend finally suggested that I give myself one of my pure clairvoyant readings. I began to explain why it was not advisable to read for yourself when it occurred to me that a Pure Clairvoyance reading was exactly what I needed. I was in dire need of hope, so I decided to give it a go. The big question was “Would it be possible to be objective enough to read for myself accurately?”

I sat in my usual office chair and set the tape recording. Closing my eyes I began, outlining the present and then into the future, a year at a time until 40 minutes had passed. At the end of the session I was excited by the results, most of which I didn’t remember. I had managed to get out of my own way and allow the information to flow through me and onto the tape.

I spent the next four and a half hours hunched over my keyboard, transcribing the tape so that I could use it as a reference later on. 15 pages later I had it all down. Although I was physically exhausted at the typing effort, I finally realised why clients are happy to pay the extra money for this type of reading. In a 40 minute reading I was given more hope than I had ever expected. It wasn’t all good news, with a funeral described, a financially disastrous year ahead for me and other struggles to endure, yet I was given clear reasons for these struggles. Despite these hardships ahead of me, I slept like a baby for the first time in weeks.

The reading offered me a glimpse of the next six CDs I produce, the markets which will open up for my current and forthcoming books, the screenplays I manage to have produced as films, my teenage son as a serious 20 year old and how I finally become comfortable with touring for public speaking engagements. I love the public speaking but dislike the hotels, the temporary nature of the environment and usually look forward to returning home.

This reading didn’t actually resolve any of my current issues, nor did it offer solutions to my pressing problems. Instead is revealed to me how when I’m faced with a deep issue, I seek solutions. Later I wondered if others who face these same challenges might benefit from the solutions I have found. This usually results in my writing a new book or a CD. When I pondered this it occurred to me to look back over past books and review my journey.

I began with palmistry in 1978 because I wanted to know where I belonged in the world. This resulted in the book Palmistry Revealed. I pursued the tarot in 1984 because I wanted to glimpse the short term futures and to find more effective ways to make decisions (The Tarot Revealed). I studied astrology in 1985 to discover how we are all interrelated (Astrology Revealed) and hypnotherapy in 1986 because it had changed some of my deeply ingrained negative habits and beliefs (two Guided Meditations CDs). I studied psychic protection when I found myself out of my depth spiritually in London in 1988 (A Secret Door to the Universe) and I wrote Finding Your Soul Mate after I met a soul mate and fell deeply in love.

In my case, during the reading I gave myself I wasn’t permitted to see the details of the face of my partner in old age. I think that this was to prevent me from surrendering my free-will along the way. If I saw her facial features, I might not commit myself to any other relationships which may in fact help to prepare me for that one. I saw her smile but no more. It was enough for me to momentarily bask in the love, respect and commitment of my long term partner to motivate me to move forward in my life.

An effective reading isn’t designed to give you a guarantee about your future.

Guarantees can remove the challenges which make achievements so rewarding. Instead it can motivate you to realise more of your potential. It can highlight small steps which might be taken, even in the heart of a personal winter. An effective reading can offer a reminder that 100 small steps can equal one big achievement.

After giving myself a Pure Clairvoyance reading I realised how much my past has weighed me down. A full and heavy heart has no room for love when it is too burdened with grief or regret. Then I realised that I can design a series of guided meditations to address this, including meditations to release the past, resolve the present and open my heart to love. The CD containing these meditations will be released in September of this year.

There are several obvious limitations when offering Pure Clairvoyant readings to the public which include

  1. the amount of energy required for each reading.
  2. how important it is to be completely at peace before commencing a reading, to ensure accuracy.
  3. the pressure I feel when clients sit silently listening, expecting or hoping for good news.
  4. what my options are if I don’t feel up to giving a pure clairvoyance reading on the day.
  5. how much information clients can realistically absorb in a short sitting.
  6. how I might reduce demand for these readings so that I maintain my energy levels.

Inspired by my own results, I boldly announced on my website that Pure Clairvoyance readings were to commence in January of 2007. In November, with Christmas looming, January seemed so far away. When January arrived I had a waiting list for Pure Clairvoyance readings despite advertising them as 35 minute readings costing $250. I was so apprehensive that I barely slept the night before the first reading, resulting in having to cancel it on the day.

The agreement I make with each Pure Clairvoyance client is that I can offer a Tarot / Clairvoyant reading for an hour instead (at $120.) if I’m not feeling 100% on the day. This is because aligning myself with clients is such a precise procedure that it is easy to slip away from my connection and end up imagining if I’m not centred and relaxed. Clients sometimes insist on knowing details which they may not cope well with hearing, such as the age at which they will die. It is rare that these details are revealed to the client because they are more a burden than a benefit.

Clients often ask what is the difference between a tarot / clairvoyant reading and a pure clairvoyance reading. The tarot / clairvoyant reading is better suited to short-term questions such as

  1. Will I be offered the job I have applied for?
  2. What does the future hold for my current love relationship?
  3. Is it wise to purchase the house at number 17 Stanwell Place at auction this Saturday?

These are specific questions about present or forthcoming issues which require a decision or action in the short term.

Pure clairvoyance offers a ‘bigger picture’ reading, encompassing most, if not all of your life.

Because it covers a greater number of years, you can expect less detail than you might in a short-term reading. During a pure clairvoyance reading I ask your present age, and then scan through your life a year at a time. In some readings I can see the year each child is born whereas in others, my first view of a family might be a glimpse of two children as teenagers.

The simplest description is that I won’t know what I’ll say during your reading until I say it, and I may not remember having said it at the end of your reading. Because the information can be surprising or unexpected, I remind you that you have free-will in all events predicted.

I strongly recommend that you type out the contents of your tape at home after the reading, so that you can access any part of the reading in moments when you need to later on. Over the months I have periodically glanced through the printed pages of my own reading and each time I feel uplifted by the details revealed. It’s like having another reading without spending the time or the money. It offers an instant reminder of the adventures ahead, so that I might be ready when the pace quickens and not become dizzy with the ride.

Please Note:

  1. Pure Clairvoyance readings are only available as the first reading of the day or the first reading after my lunch break on my reading days (Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays).
  2. These readings last 50 minutes and questions can be asked in the last 15 minutes of the reading.
  3. If I don’t feel completely centred on the day of your reading I cannot offer you a Pure Clairvoyance reading. Instead you can choose another suitable time or to have a one hour tarot / clairvoyant reading or a palmistry reading.
  4. Spirit guides, deceased friends or relatives may present themselves to pass on messages to you on the day but if they don’t appear, it is not wise for me to pursue them as doing so may disturb those in spirit.
  5. You are advised not to consume any alcohol for 24 hours prior to your Pure Clairvoyance reading for best results. If you have a migraine headache, a cold or the ‘flu it is advisable not to have a reading on that day.
  6. Pure Clairvoyance readings are not currently available as telephone readings.
  7. To book a Pure Clairvoyance reading, please phone 02) 9876 4559

Paul offers personal and distance readings and a range of courses.