• Training your intuition is like learning to see in the dark. Once it’s switched on, you can glimpse opportunities that are otherwise invisible. This 90-minute zoom course reveals the four basic ways to glean intuitive details about the future. Based on Paul’s new book Activate Your Psychic Ability, it provides insights into the strengths and weaknesses of each method so that you can decide which technique is best for you. Based on his 45 years spent studying and teaching psychic development, Paul brings the subject to life with real-life examples. Date:  Sunday November 5th.       Time: 12:00 – 1:30 pm (Sydney time). Fee:  $90. Includes download handouts. What you’ll need. A pen and paper for notes if required.  
  • This reading focuses more on the past than the future, tracing the origins of current issues, fears and personal struggles. It provides glimpses of those circumstances, situations or events that have shaped your life, so that you know where to begin in changing your future. During this reading, Paul highlights your personal strengths, skills and talents and explores ways to improve personal resilience to rebound after setbacks. It’s an opportunity to learn from the past to make the most or every day you have left. Feedback from clients is that they found the specific descriptions of past issues were valuable in accelerating their healing.
  • Generally, in a woman’s chart, the type of man she’s attracted too can be identified by where Mars is placed in her chart. In a man’s chart his preferred partner can be revealed by where the planet Venus is placed in his chart. In this fun introduction to astrology, Paul shows how to identify partner preferences by Venus and Mars in charts. Why not join us to discover your attractions in life, exploring astrology with like-minded people.
  • What happens when the cards say ‘No’ to someone’s desired goal? It’s time to go beyond the ‘No’ to discover what lies ahead. Frequently a negative answer simply means that there are better, more rewarding opportunities ahead. This sometimes requires focused effort from clients, in the form of homework or goal setting. This course provides an opportunity to explore workable solutions, to improve reading outcomes for clients. In this 90-minute Zoom session, Paul reveals different ways to proceed past an initial negative answer to discover alternative paths and outcomes. Why not join us to continue your tarot journey with like-minded people.
  • In tarot sessions, many clients ask about personal health. Although tarot readers cannot diagnose, they can suggest medical and alternative professionals who can help. Sometimes wellbeing issues are likely in the future, so it helps to know what parts of the body cards signify in health readings, even when a client is currently fine. Being prepared also helps maintain fitness and vitality. This workshop includes demonstration readings and a group exercise to identify possible health meanings for individual cards. In this 90-minute Zoom session, Paul reveals different ways to identify individual card meanings in health questions. Why not join us to continue your tarot journey with like-minded people.
  • Individual tarot cards each have several specific meanings. When they are combined in a layout, there are noticeable patterns. It’s possible to refine meanings to more clearly describe situations. This works best with specific questions such as career direction, an investment, a planned trip or a creative project. In this 90-minute Zoom session, Paul reveals a simple method for understanding cards in combination, to clarify deeper significance. Why not join us to continue your tarot journey with like-minded people.
  • Is someone searching for you? Is there a person out there lying awake at night, yearning for your company? How will you find each other? If you do discover each other, will both of you be prepared for the love of your lives? To be ready when love arrives, it’s important to resolve issues from your past, realise what you offer a relationship partner and expand your heart for love. Based on Paul’s best-selling book Finding Your Soul Mate, this 90-minute Zoom session provides clues to what’s holding you back from love. Is it time for you to find someone to pair your steps in life?  
  • Do you need to protect yourself, your home or workplace from negativity? You require more than white light and imagined safety. There are effective techniques to shield your safe spaces from intrusive energies, especially when you’re asleep at night. In this workshop Paul reveals a range of ways to protect yourself, your home and your children. Different methods suit a range of situations such as travelling on public transport, working with demanding colleagues or living with someone who abuses drugs or alcohol. In this 90-minute Zoom course Paul reveals the importance of personal psychic protection, especially if you're intuitively sensitive. Why not join us to discover how to protect yourself, your home and your workplace, learning with like-minded people.
  • Are you a sponge for the negative emotions of others? Do friends seek you out when they need to unburden themselves? Then it’s time to spiritually clean and protect yourself if you want enough energy for your own life. This brief exploration provides a range of simple spiritual cleansing techniques that are portable, effective and rejuvenating. They’ll help you to sleep better, to awaken feeling refreshed, relaxed and revitalised for the day ahead. Regular cleansing improves focus and physical vitality for life. In this 90-minute Zoom course Paul reveals the importance of personal spiritual cleansing. Why not join us to discover how to improve focus through spiritual cleansing and rebalancing techniques with like-minded people.
  • In astrology charts, the north node points to underlying themes and life lessons. By discovering where your life is heading, you can reduce unconscious resistance to inner transformation and enjoy the journey. In this illuminating workshop, Paul reveals the 12 north node paths, giving examples of struggles on those routes and the joy that awaits us when we arrive at our new life perspectives. It includes a chart for the north nodes for 100 years, so that you can easily identify your own direction and the paths of friends and family members from their birth dates. Why not join us to discover your life direction and the directions of your friends and family, exploring astrology with like-minded people.
  • Discover when your next major love relationship is likely to arrive. Will you be ready? Signs of important future partnerships already exist in the lines on your hands, if you know where to look. Significant relationships are shown in three areas of our hands. These include the Life line, the Fate line and Relationship lines. It is inspiring to know when your days of being loved by another person are not over. It’s also motivating to prepare for when love arrives. In this 90-minute Zoom session, Paul reveals how to identify love relationships, both past and future opportunities in your hands. Why not join us to begin or continue your palmistry journey with like-minded people.
  • The Fate line on your palms reveals career openings, new sources of income and eventual success with vocation. Your hands also divulge the most suitable career directions for personal fulfilment. This fast-paced Zoom course demonstrates how to date events and changes on the Fate line and gauge when new careers or income streams are likely to occur. It is very helpful when preparing for approaching opportunities. Don’t look back with regret in old age. Instead, consult the map of your life for clarity on career options.


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