• This course is designed for those who have completed the introductory tarot course and who want to delve deeper into the tarot. It is suited to those who are in professional practice and this course improves your working knowledge of the tarot in a fun atmosphere. As our teaching methods are quite specific, it is not possible to attend this course until you have completed the introductory tarot course. It also offers telephone reading techniques and a demonstration telephone tarot reading using a speaker-phone. In this way students can hear both sides of the conversation as they watch the reading unfold. Course brochure.
  • This inspiring course is for students with little or no experience in the tarot, as confidence in giving readings is encouraged through watching demonstrations and giving readings to fellow students under supervision. Paul brings the tarot to life with his humorous and insightful delivery, using anecdotes, real life examples and demonstrations. Bring some questions to ask the cards during the demonstrations and practice sessions.
  • This practical, hands-on course offers a solid framework for your psychic development, in a positive and supportive environment. It is a powerful beginners course, and covers all the basics in a step by step manner. Previous knowledge is not required. This fun course includes regular demonstrations and practice sessions.
  • This advanced astrology book focusses on the moon's nodes and how they relate to life themes and soul-purpose. It includes a simple north nodes chart for the past 95 years. All you need is a person's date of birth as the nodes only change sign every 18 months. By understanding the north and south nodes in a person's chart, it's possible to understand what that individual will struggle with and what approaches to life will change from childhood to maturity.
  • We are all spiritual masters in the making. Imagine having no past to weigh you down or call you back for resolution. Instead of being hampered by earlier emotional and spiritual issues, it is possible to proceed steadily towards your goals with a profound sense of purpose. This story is one person’s journey about where we might go after death. Although the body dies, the spirit lives on to continue a longer passage home. It reveals a glimpse of that voyage and outlines some of the preparations that can be made for the most important passage we will attempt. It evokes memories of the spiritual purpose underlying physical existence based on a quest to uncover a hidden, deeper purpose to life.
  • The Tarot Revealed is a simple, step by step guide to tarot reading. Its clear and easy to follow style makes it a valuable tool for both novices and experienced tarot readers alike. Using real life examples, Paul clarifies each card's meaning, making it a helpful guide when giving your own readings. It has separate sections for the general, relationship and reversed meanings of each card to simplify the book as an immediate reference when giving tarot readings. Simple tarot layouts are offered, along with tips on improving your intuition when reading. This new edition includes colour charts to help you to remember card meanings and extended text for reversed card meanings.
  • This tarot DVD offers a simple introduction to the ancient art of tarot reading. Based on more than 20 years experience, this engaging and insightful guide to tarot reading is both practical and realistic.

    Including footage of a variety of actual readings, Discover the Tarot offers tips on

    • developing your own intuition.
    • how to word your questions for increased accuracy.
    • the importance of cleansing yourself after each reading.
    • the shuffling and card reversal process.
    • games for psychic development.
    Free delivery for this product.
  • This CD offers three guided meditations to help you to clear the path to love. It's for individuals who are ready to release past relationships and make room in their hearts for new love. Sometimes, the emotional baggage of the past prevents us from being ready for love when it arrives. With repeated use this CD can help you to be ready when opportunities for love present themselves. Originally designed by Paul for his personal needs, it proved so effective in clearing the path for new love that he decided to record the meditations in a studio for commercial release. Free delivery for this product. Written and spoken by Paul Fenton-Smith.
  • This CD offers four guided meditations, ranging from basic to advanced, making it suitable for beginners and people who are more experienced with meditation.  There is no background music to these meditations, as some listeners are easily distracted by background music. Free delivery for this product.
  • This CD uses hypnosis to help you to restore natural, healthy sleep patterns, which in turn can help improve your daily concentration. It can also help to improve your state of mind when you awaken feeling rested and relaxed. For best results, use either track on the CD once each day and allow six weeks for results to become evident. Free delivery within Australia for this CD.
  • This CD includes powerful, gentle hypnosis to gradually restore self-esteem and inner strength. Confidence in a positive outcome strengthens courage to pursue your dreams. When setbacks or obstacles arise, self-confidence can be the difference between abandoning plans or finding alternative paths to personal goals.  Free delivery within Australia for this CD.
  • Guided Meditations to Improve Your Intuition offers three powerful meditations to develop and strengthen your intuition. With regular practice this USB can help you to spiritually cleanse and re-balance yourself as you improve your intuition. It includes three simple, yet effective meditations without background music as musicians can find sounds distracting. Free delivery within Australia for this product.


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