• Guided Meditations to Improve Your Intuition offers three powerful meditations to develop and strengthen your intuition. With regular practice this USB can help you to spiritually cleanse and re-balance yourself as you improve your intuition. It includes three simple, yet effective meditations without background music as musicians can find sounds distracting. Free delivery for this product.
  • As we all have natural psychic abilities, it pays to know your strengths and weaknesses. This beginners course is a dynamic, ‘hands-on’ opportunity to explore your psychic abilities and to strengthen your natural intuition in a safe environment. It offers a glimpse into how the psychic world works and reveals your innate psychic abilities. It's a fun course where you'll be able to test the theories in regular practice sessions. Previous psychic development students have been amazed at how accurate they have been using the simple, practical techniques offered by this course. Places are strictly limited by the size of the room so book early to secure your place in this course.
  • A distance reading by phone, Skype or FaceTime allows you to clarify your issues from the convenience of your home or office. A one-hour reading includes a general reading and up to eight questions. It's the perfect choice if you have lots of questions or complex issues that might require several questions before you've explored all options. Your recording link is emailed to you within 48 hours.
  • This fun course is for those who have little or no experience with hand reading, as it covers all the basics in a step by step manner. The mysteries of the hand are revealed through Paul's dynamic and insightful delivery, and all students hands are used to demonstrate the theories.
  • Palmistry Revealed is an invaluable guide to unlocking the secrets of your hands, clearly detailing pure hand types and combinations to ensure you develop a clear understanding of this ancient study of life. Palmistry offers a whole-life reading and it's particularly effective in revealing career talents.
  • This new colour edition of Palmistry Revealed includes 100 colour photographs of hands and over 100 line drawings to clarify each step in reading hands. This practical guide to hand-reading is destined to become a palmistry classic.
  • palmistry, palmistry revealed, hand reading, Life line, Fate line, Relationship lines
    Palm readings are full life readings, covering events from childhood to old age. Areas covered include relationships, children, health, career and travel. Any dates given are accurate within 18 months. e.g. if an event is predicted for age 37 it may occur at 36 or 38 years. The maps of your hands reveal your talents, your life experience so far and your likely path in life. Both sides of both hands are read, along with the fingers, fingernails, lines mounts and thumbs. A session lasts an hour and includes a recording of the reading for later reference.
  • palmistry, hand reading, life line, fate line, relationship lines
    Learn in comfort and at your own pace. Paul offers private lessons for students who want to improve their intuitive skills, tarot accuracy or proficiency in palmistry. These are offered in Epping or on Skype, FaceTime or Zoom for distance students. Private lessons are perfect for individuals who have attended a course or read one of Paul's books and want to build confidence to read for others. Private lessons last 50 minutes each and they are tailored to your needs.
  • This practical, hands-on course offers a solid framework for your psychic development, in a positive and supportive environment. It is a powerful beginners course, and covers all the basics in a step by step manner. Previous knowledge is not required. This fun course includes regular demonstrations and practice sessions.
  • This Pure Clairvoyance reading includes a personal reading of 50 minutes and a pre-reading meditation. During the meditation Paul contacts the client’s higher-self to ask two specific questions. Clients list their pre-reading questions when booking the reading. During the personal reading Paul reveals what was gleaned in meditation and then clients can ask questions face to face. Each time the client asks a new question, Paul allows the client's higher-self to provide an answer. In this way, the spiritual part of the client that knows the answers can respond to the question directly and in detail.
  • Turning Points is a powerful and insightful reading that doesn't require tarot cards, palms, astrology or numerology, just pure clairvoyance. During your reading Paul will sit with you, quietly examining images from your past, the present and your future. He’ll detail major life events and describe important people and situations, often giving your age when events will occur. A Turning Points reading offers a glimpse of the bigger picture of your life and it can clarify your purpose here in life. Remember, you have free-will to change anything that is predicted.
  • Preparing for future opportunities can ensure that you make the very most of an opening for advancement, happiness or success. This is the perfect reading for when you need inspiration and focus to move forward. Don’t leave your destiny to chance. This 50-60-minute whole-life reading examines past options, both pursued and ignored, current openings for growth and happiness plus future opportunities to prepare for. After all, there’s no point of knowing the future unless you’re prepared for it when it arrives.


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