• This CD offers three guided meditations to help you to clear the path to love. It's for individuals who are ready to release past relationships and make room in their hearts for new love. Sometimes, the emotional baggage of the past prevents us from being ready for love when it arrives. With repeated use this CD can help you to be ready when opportunities for love present themselves. Originally designed by Paul for his personal needs, it proved so effective in clearing the path for new love that he decided to record the meditations in a studio for commercial release. Free delivery for this product. Written and spoken by Paul Fenton-Smith.
  • This course is designed for those who have completed the introductory tarot course and who want to delve deeper into the tarot. It is suited to those who are in professional practice and this course improves your working knowledge of the tarot in a fun atmosphere. As our teaching methods are quite specific, it is not possible to attend this course until you have completed the introductory tarot course. It also offers telephone reading techniques and a demonstration telephone tarot reading using a speaker-phone. In this way students can hear both sides of the conversation as they watch the reading unfold. Course brochure.


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