When you have lost someone dear to you, the pain and confusion can be overwhelming. During these periods of loss  some people find themselves consumed with regret over past opportunities not pursued and filled with fear about their own mortality.

As the grief subsides it occurs to you that although you’ve lost someone close, your life must go on. It often helps to have one last conversation with the deceased. This may be a chance to say goodbye, to ask or to offer forgiveness or simply to know that he or she is safe.

Tears of grief and relief are common when consulting a medium, as the reader relays messages to and from your recently deceased friend or relative. Often the reader describes long deceased friends or family members who have met the newcomer, ensuring a safe passage away from this world. The reader usually describes the appearance and character traits of the person you want to contact, to ensure they have the right connection.

In a recent pure clairvoyance reading, Clara explained that she had recently lost her grandmother. They had been very close and Clara had visited the ageing woman every day for the past 18 months as her health declined. The first description I gave her, of a short woman with her hair tied back who loved spending hours in the garden with her fruit trees and vegetable patch turned out to be her other grandmother, who had died ten years previously.

On a second attempt I described a slender, taller woman who loved reading and had taught many of the neighbourhood children to read over the years. Clara confirmed that this was the woman she wanted to communicate with and the reading continued from there.

Consulting a medium doesn’t end the grief immediately but it can help to comfort clients who need to know that a loved one is at peace. It allows the living to make more of their lives when they realise that life is short and loved ones are reunited afterwards. Clients are sometimes surprised to discover that the recently deceased still have many of their beliefs, habits and character traits, so that a bossy mother is still likely to criticise her child’s best efforts from the other side if she was like this throughout her life.

A friend’s mother used to say “If you do that, when I die I’ll come back and haunt you,” to keep her on the straight and narrow in life. This is one person who probably won’t be consulting a medium after her mother’s demise as she’ll be consumed with fear of what her mother will say. The result of these persistent threats is that she is keen to ensure that her mother lives a long and happy life.       (c) 2013 copyright Paul Fenton-Smith.

Paul teaches psychic development and also offers private lessons and personal readings.