The power of Intuition podcast.

Feeling tired or jaded by the people around you? Sometimes, people unconsciously absorb the emotions of others around them and feel burdened. Spiritual cleansing can redress this and stronger intuitive boundaries usually help. In a recent podcast discussion with Lauren Grace of The Afterlight Institute, we discussed psychic trespass, spiritual cleansing and protection and I included a few bizarre experiences from my past. We also explored the three different approaches to fate and free-will, so you can identify your own particular style more easily. Listen to the podcast now.

Courses resume in February 2023.

Are you ready to develop your intuition? My tarot, palmistry and psychic development courses will resume in 2023, along with some half-day and one-day workshops I’ve recently designed. These hands-on courses include intro astrology and provide opportunities to build intuitive skills with likeminded people. I’m excited to begin personal courses because there’s often a buzz in the room, especially when students have surprising intuitive results during exercises. I never know what to say when a student excitedly declares “This actually works!” Course dates to be listed on my website soon.