Knowing which sign the moon was in at your birth can help you to understand how you emotionally relate to others and to life. It can also increase your awareness of the best days of the month ahead for you.

Moon in Aries:
Those with the moon in Aries tend to be forthright and sometimes emotionally aggressive. Aries moon people are usually self confident, rebound from emotional hurts quickly and can find it challenging staying in one love relationship for any length of time. They usually enjoy nature and can find it beneficial to take a long walk when they need to think about pressing issues.

Becoming emotionally impatient, they may benefit from learning to negotiate to have their emotional needs met in relationships. Aries moon people are usually passionate and they thrive on challenges.

Moon in Taurus:
The moon is exalted in Taurus making this an excellent placement. Taurus moon people prefer to be in a stable, comfortable love relationship with plenty of material comforts. They enjoy good food, but need to be aware of the tendency towards comfort eating. Instead of food, music can soothe them when emotional issues disturb their equilibrium.

Sometimes those people with the moon in Taurus place more emphasis on stability in love relationships than upon happiness. They need to guard against stubbornness and usually enjoy gardening in later life. They are usually patient and reliable, and when raising pets treat their animals as part of the family.

Moon in Gemini:
Those with the moon in Gemini usually like to discuss their feelings with their partners. They find it easy to invent stories, so short story writing or magazine journalism can interest them. If you find it difficult to discuss a subject with a person who has the moon in Gemini, try opening discussions during a telephone conversation. Moon in Gemini people can reveal more of themselves when talking on the phone than when meeting in person.

Gemini moon people can blow hot and cold emotionally, being close to you one day and then ignoring you then next. They sometimes find it difficult to make emotional decisions as they may ignore their feelings in favour of rational alternatives. When negative, Gemini moon people can be unreliable, promising to do one thing and then changing their minds when new opportunities arise.

Moon in Cancer:
As the moon rules Cancer, this is its natural placement. People with the moon in Cancer are usually sensitive, sentimental, nurturing and sometimes moody. These people can be hoarders, saving objects which have sentimental importance, such as photographs, postcards, letters and mementos.

They have vivid imaginations, are often naturally psychic, with vivid dreams at night which can be prophetic. Memories of childhood tend to stay with Cancer moon people. They need to guard against living in the past emotionally, for this drains their creative energies, which are best channelled into creative writing or painting.

Naturally secretive, Cancer moon people show only a part of themselves at a time. They react in an instant to the emotional mood of a room due to their natural intuitive abilities. They usually possess long memories for past hurts.

Moon in Leo:
Those with the moon in Leo tend to be playful, romantic, passionate and optimistic. They love a grand romance and enjoy the chase where love is concerned. Leo moon people are often young at heart and enjoy any occasion where they can dress up.

They are usually emotionally buoyant and quick to express themselves with flair and originality. When negative however, they can be competitive and demand attention like a small child. Leo moon people have natural acting ability and theatrical leanings, whether it be on the stage, in films or simply to add romance to a love relationship.

Moon in Virgo:
Those with the moon in Virgo prefer a low key approach to their emotions. Being naturally afraid of making a fool of themselves, they tend to say less than more. Health foods and healthy living appeal those with a Virgo moon, with regular exercise and vitamin and mineral supplements usually being a part of life.

Natural observers, they have the ability to learn from the mistakes of others, thus avoiding pain and suffering. These keen powers of observation make them accurate mimics and subtle character actors. In love they demonstrate their feelings through actions rather than words. Their gift is to help partners have a more balanced and trouble-free life.

When negative, they can be self critical and critical of others, demanding perfection and being quick to see the faults and imperfections in others. When used positively, these abilities make them excellent editors, administrators and quality testers.

Moon in Libra:
Those with the moon in Libra enjoy beautiful surroundings, harmonious colours and good food and company. They thrive on new conversations, people and surroundings. They have a keen sense of justice and fair play and readily fight for the rights of those they care about.

Choosing the right partner is not an easy process for those with the moon in Libra, as they are generous and self sacrificing, making them vulnerable to the whims of a selfish mate. If they choose unwisely, they may surrender their own sources of joy in a bid to please their partners.

When negative, Libran moon people need to be constantly reassured that they are loved. If a partner doesn’t admire them sufficiently, they can seek additional partners in their bid for happiness.

Moon in Scorpio :
Loyalty is paramount to those with the moon in Scorpio. Once you have their commitment, they’ll walk over hot coals for you. They are unusually intuitive where their partners are concerned, so don’t attempt to deceive them. These people are keen to explore the emotional depths, making them unsuited to light love relationships or short love affairs. They admire emotional courage and can quickly see through false confidence and uncover concealed weakness.

If you betray these people, don’t expect to be forgiven easily, as they have long memories for past emotional hurts. They need to guard against emotional power struggles with partners. Scorpio moon people possess great depths of emotional courage, but they can take a long time to reveal themselves emotionally to others.

Moon in Sagittarius:
Those with the moon in Sagittarius can find commitment difficult. Neither emotional nor physical commitment comes easily to these people, They usually enjoy plenty of freedom and the thrill of the pursuit where relationship is concerned. Travel, study, learning and teaching appeal to those with the moon in Sagittarius.

Their thirst for knowledge can leave them with little enthusiasm once they have mastered something, whether it be a course, a career or a love relationship partner. When negative they may find that they are unable to commit themselves to any one person for very long, preferring freedom instead. In later years, those with a Sagittarius moon need to keep an eye on their intake of sweet foods, as they may gain weight around the hips and thighs unless they exercise regularly.

Moon in Capricorn:
Those with the Moon in Capricorn sometimes doubt themselves and deny themselves the emotional nourishment they deserve and need to have. They may consider that they need to earn their emotional rewards, making them hardworking and reluctant to reveal themselves emotionally to others.

Often they feel emotionally inadequate, making them controlling of others for fear that they may find themselves in unchartered waters emotionally. They can find it difficult to be emotionally vulnerable before their partners. These people thrive on emotional structure, which can lead to power struggles if their partners feel emotionally controlled.

People with the moon in Capricorn tend to be emotionally disciplined and capable of great endurance where love relationships are concerned. They are usually patient, realistic and show their affections through practical rather than romantic ways. If you love gardening, your Capricorn moon partner is more likely to give you a shovel and a bowl of mixed seedlings instead of a bunch of flowers.

Moon in Aquarius :
Those with the moon in Aquarius can possess an attraction for long distance relationships. Keeping in touch with a partner by phone, email or SMS messaging is not difficult for these people as they require plenty of freedom and don’t take kindly to being emotionally possessed.

When falling in love they can find a partner’s philosophy, lifestyle or commitment to a cause more appealing than physical features. They sometimes seek partners who come from different cultures or from a different part of the world. The exchange of ideas is important to Aquarian moon people; they enjoy a good conversation. Unusual thinking appeals to those with an Aquarian moon.

When negative they can be stubborn, seeking to shock those around them with their quirky behaviour just to provoke a reaction.

Moon in Pisces:
Those with the moon in Pisces can be idealistic in friendships and in love relationships. They dream of a perfect world, and can retreat into books or films to sustain their dreams if life becomes too difficult. They are usually romantic, creative and capable of great long term sacrifice for those around them.

Because Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in different directions, those with a Piscean moon can be soft and sensitive one day, and then pragmatic and realistic the next. This can manifest itself as pie in the sky dreams one day, followed by practical plans to make those dreams a reality the next.

Being naturally intuitive, these people need to guard against being emotionally or psychically drained by those around them as their compassion allows others to take advantage of them from time to time. They usually have great patience and sympathy for animals and are fond of working with animals or volunteering to help out at animal shelters.

Copyright 2011 Paul Fenton-Smith