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Using intuition to discover your opportunities

One of the most powerful uses for natural intuition is in identifying personal opportunities buried beneath commitments, frustrations and setbacks. In this workshop, author and clairvoyant Paul Fenton-Smith explores four primary ways to access intuitive information. Pick your favourite and strengthen your psychic skills. Explore a simple method for training your mind to notice your own opportunities. This includes

  • finding your own avenues for happiness and achievement.
  • the important of reviewing each day to notice missed opportunities.
  • helping others to discover positive options concealed within their daily frustrations and struggles.

Paul demonstrates how to help others to identify possible opportunities before participants pair off for direct experience. Most people have more opportunities than they ever notice. Like most skills, intuitive development improves with repetition. Options often require planning, effort and persistence but they can only be successfully pursued if they are noticed.

Paul is a counsellor and the author of 12 books. He founded The Academy of Psychic Sciences in Sydney in 1985 and has been studying and teaching intuitive development for over 40 years. Part of this course is from Paul’s book Intuition – keys to unlocking your inner wisdom. Book now to join us for this fun course.

Date: Sunday March 6th, 2022.    Time: 9:00 – 10:30 pm Sydney time.  Location: Zoom. You’ll be sent your zoom link after booking.

Fee: £8.14 or around $16.00

Click Here to see Paul courses page.        Paul’s biography and complete list of published titles.