By identifying which reading is best for you right now, you’ll receive the information you need to make the best decisions in your life. Whether you are looking to the long term or you need an answer about an immediate issue, there is a reading suited to your needs.
If after reading through the list you decide that you need both short term and long term answers, it’s probably best to have a short-term (Tarot) reading first. Once you’ve dealt with the immediate issues, you can look towards longer term plans.

You have specific short-term questions about career or relationships. Tarot.
Are you keen to look beyond your goals to glimpse your purpose? Pure Clairvoyance.
Do you want to know about your most suitable career paths? Palmistry.
When you need to choose between two relationships. Tarot.
You have specific questions but cannot travel to Epping NSW. Skype / Telephone Tarot.
If you’d like to have children, but not just yet. Palmistry.
If you want to contact someone who has passed away. Pure Clairvoyance.
If you want to know which course to take. Tarot.
If you’re interested in exploring your strengths and talents. Astrology.
Want to know what your guides are trying to tell you? Pure Clairvoyance.
Do you want to know about long term relationship compatibility? Astrology.
Are you interested in when your best years for career success will arrive? Palmistry.
Do you want to understand the underlying lesson in a situation? Tarot.
Do you want to see where life is taking you long term? Pure Clairvoyance.
Want to know when a personal winter will be over? Astrology.
Do you want to know which university your child will attend? Tarot.
Do you want to explore ways to nourish yourself spiritually? Tarot, Palmistry or Pure Clairvoyance.
Do you need an urgent answer to a specific issue soon? Skype / Telephone Tarot.
Do you want to know what is holding you back? Pure Clairvoyance.

(c) Copyright 2012 Paul Fenton-Smith