Discovering concealed opportunities.

On the honour roll of squandered opportunities, I’m a legend. I’ve ignored favourable moments and cast aside perfectly good ideas to pursue clearly signposted dead ends. Sadly, I’m not the only contender for this very long list. In big and small ways, everyone does this. Mike and Logan were childhood friends who became jogging buddies [...]

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What natural intuitive skills do you have?

Developing intuition is easier than most people realise. Like any other talent, it requires repetition to strengthen your skills. The first step is to identify your natural psychic talents and work from there. Quickest results stem from existing abilities, such as vivid dreams at night, strong hunches or gut feelings about a person or a [...]

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A telescope aimed at the future

With more of us confined to homes or neighbourhoods, many people are asking what their lives will look like in a year or two from now. As a clairvoyant, this is what I do, so demand for my services has been strong this year. What has surprised me is the questions clients have been asking. [...]

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In Search of a Good Night’s Sleep

Most small children can fall asleep anywhere, almost instantly. Why then, do so many adults experience issues with sleep disturbance? Ongoing stress of modern life can result in people having difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or feeling refreshed when waking. For some people, a night of deep, restful slumber is an impossible goal. More than [...]

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What your fingers reveal about your nature.

About to be interviewed for a new job? Would you like a glimpse of the person interviewing you without actually asking any questions yourself? If so, take a look at the person’s hands. It’s amazing how much can be discovered about other people by a quick glance at their hands. This information can help you [...]

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How Diet can Affect Intuition

One of the most effective ways to access personal intuition is through meditation. By calming the mind, it’s possible to listen to other parts of yourself that contain valuable information about immediate opportunities and forthcoming prospects. Being able to notice the potential in particular options is the first step towards making positive choices. Every constructive [...]

Dreaming the answers

When Karen came for a tarot reading she asked about her lost passports. As a personal coach and trainer, she was more familiar with planning and advising others, than asking for help. She explained that during one of her biannual clean-ups she had carefully put the family’s passports away for safekeeping and couldn’t remember where [...]

The Tarot – A Personal Journey

Some students of the tarot are not interested in becoming professional tarot readers. For these individuals, the tarot is a guide on their personal and private journey through life. This carefully constructed deck of 78 cards offers insights into how to overcome many of life’s obstacles. It illuminates underlying spiritual lessons in setbacks or disappointments. [...]

Spiritually Cleansing Your Home

Arriving home from a stressful day at work can be a relief, but there is a chance that you are bringing some of your emotional work baggage with you. As you relax, this work stress or emotional negativity disperses throughout your home like the smoke from a single cigarette, gradually permeating every room. This unnoticed [...]

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Two Perceptions – One Holiday

Kirsten's holiday picture. When Marc and Kirsten recently holidayed in Hawaii they each sent a picture of the view from their hotel balcony. Kirsten sent the Facebook version with palm trees swaying in a gentle breeze on golden sands, immediately setting the scene of a fabulous holiday in the sun. Surfers floated on [...]

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