What your fingers reveal about your nature.

About to be interviewed for a new job? Would you like a glimpse of the person interviewing you without actually asking any questions yourself? If so, take a look at the person’s hands. It’s amazing how much can be discovered about other people by a quick glance at their hands. This information can help you [...]

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Your Hands: a Window to Your Soul?

In February of 1978 I sat among a group of women, cynically scrutinising our instructor as she taught us ‘Palmistry’. I’d been roped into attending the course because my friend Becky had not wanted to attend the course alone in the evenings. By lesson three my cynicism had evaporated and I was alert to the [...]

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In Search of Career Direction?

Are you working in a job which doesn’t fulfil you? Perhaps you don’t know the type of work to which you are best suited. In the search for a career which brings happiness and fulfilment there are almost endless possibilities. To avoid taking a series of jobs in order to slowly eliminate what you don’t [...]

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