Discovering concealed opportunities.

On the honour roll of squandered opportunities, I’m a legend. I’ve ignored favourable moments and cast aside perfectly good ideas to pursue clearly signposted dead ends. Sadly, I’m not the only contender for this very long list. In big and small ways, everyone does this. Mike and Logan were childhood friends who became jogging buddies [...]

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How Diet can Affect Intuition

One of the most effective ways to access personal intuition is through meditation. By calming the mind, it’s possible to listen to other parts of yourself that contain valuable information about immediate opportunities and forthcoming prospects. Being able to notice the potential in particular options is the first step towards making positive choices. Every constructive [...]

A secret door to other worlds

As a clairvoyant, I sometimes see clients whose lives have been derailed by traumatic past events. These individuals feel as though they are in the dark, fumbling around for a viable path back to spiritually rewarding lives. Being in the dark or being spiritually undernourished is indicated through ongoing tiredness, lack of motivation and fuzzy [...]

Using Free will to change predictions

Two friends arrived for tarot / clairvoyant readings recently, clutching their lists of questions and glancing around nervously as they sat in the waiting room. Renee noticed the laminated questions menu and decided to re-word her own list, hastily scrawling a few new questions onto her pad. April sat still; gripping the strap of her [...]

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The Tarot – A Personal Journey

Some students of the tarot are not interested in becoming professional tarot readers. For these individuals, the tarot is a guide on their personal and private journey through life. This carefully constructed deck of 78 cards offers insights into how to overcome many of life’s obstacles. It illuminates underlying spiritual lessons in setbacks or disappointments. [...]

Living the Writer’s Life

In the 1990’s when I was attending a course, the instructor asked us asked to define in writing, our desired perfect week. We were asked to describe in glorious detail, events and activities of each day from Sunday morning to Saturday evening. It was an exercise in clarifying personal aims as a part of goal-setting. [...]

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How can I finally pursue my chosen career?

During a recent Tarot / Clairvoyance reading my client, Jacob explained that he had spent more than 30 years studying a range of natural therapies and alternative practitioner skills including naturopathy, kinesiology, meditation, NLP, flowers essences, astrology, spiritual healing and hypnotherapy. Despite these studies and several attempts to set up a private practice, he was [...]

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Pure Clairvoyance Readings

While Tarot / Clairvoyant readings are aimed at answering specific questions about health, career, love relationships, travel and finances, Pure Clairvoyance readings are more suited to those who have no questions. They are designed to offer a series of snapshots of the glorious mountain peaks and the deep valleys ahead in your life. Receiving a [...]

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Life Changing Decisions

As my niece's geese stepped between the leftover refuse of nephews, I realised that the decision to set up camp in my sister’s back garden was ill informed. Those inhabiting the tent hadn’t slept a wink all night, disturbed by the wind, nocturnal animals and their vivid imaginations. At least it was only an overnight [...]

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Fate versus Free-will

Are our lives fated from the moment we take our first breath or do we create our destinies through our decisions and actions? There are basically three different approaches to fate, so which approach do you take in life? Fatalism. Ancient studies of astrology, palmistry and mysticism have long maintained that each individual is fated [...]

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