During a recent Tarot / Clairvoyance reading my client, Jacob explained that he had spent more than 30 years studying a range of natural therapies and alternative practitioner skills including naturopathy, kinesiology, meditation, NLP, flowers essences, astrology, spiritual healing and hypnotherapy. Despite these studies and several attempts to set up a private practice, he was unable to succeed.

It wasn’t because he was a poor business manager because during this period he has started and successfully built up a retail business which he managed for 12 years before selling it and buying a house with the proceeds.

Jacob wanted to know why he wasn’t able to be what he most wanted to become – a natural therapist. At my suggestion he broke his career question into six alternatives, selecting one card for each possibility. These were

  1. Private clients for natural therapy consultations.
  2. Teaching
  3. Co-teaching  
  4. Predictive methods (Tarot, palmistry or clairvoyance).
  5. Astrology.
  6.  Other.

The cards offered a firm No to alternatives 1 – 5 and a clear Yes to number 6, which was effectively another, as yet unnamed career. He was clearly frustrated, feeling that his only desire was slipping away from his grasp faster, since the reading commenced.

I suggested that Jacob broaden the question to include a few different types of career, which he did. He again selected six cards, one for each of the following.

  1. Natural therapies.
  2. Intuitive development.
  3. Predictions.
  4. Spiritual healing.
  5. Meditation training.
  6. Other (another, as yet unnamed career).

Once again the cards suggested than none of the first five alternatives were suitable and that the sixth choice was worthwhile. He looked at me incredulously and muttered despairingly,

“In 25 minutes you’ve taken away every available choice I have. These are subjects I’ve studied for years. I have a wall of certificates and diplomas at home and you’re asking me to turn my back and walk away from the past three decades.”

I asked Jacob his age and clairvoyantly ventured forward five years, to see if I might glimpse him in a job or a career. I clairvoyantly saw him working on a farm. The fields surrounding the glasshouse he stood in were packed with crops. He was working beside a couple who part owned the farm with him and there were another five or six casual or seasonal workers. Upon closer scrutiny I noticed that the small farm was a tightly controlled experiment. They used no pesticides and were following Rudolph Steiner’s guidelines of growing plants biodynamically.

Jacob was in charge of introducing new crops and he propagated these in the glasshouse each day. The undulating slopes surrounding the homestead and glasshouses were a variety of colours, some shaded by the gradient of their slopes. He then spent a few days meditating on particular plants to determine what they needed to flourish in the soil at that location. His meditations also allowed him to scan the topsoil to discover what nutrients were missing for the crop he planned to sow and what might best grow in that location.

I looked forward another two years to see the business had built a solid reputation for providing tasty organic produce, which was being trucked across the state. I described it to him this way.

“It’s the equivalent of writing a book. Your regular meditations give you deep insight into the soil, the best crops to plant in particular fields according to the slope of the land and how to produce luscious fruits and vegetables without resorting to chemicals or pesticides. What is discovered during your meditations will be taught to others and you’ll devise methods which will become a nationally recognised set of guidelines for organic farmers in the decades to follow. Just like a book, your farming methods will be remembered long after you have gone.”

“How will I find this place?” he asked.

“That’s up to you. One thing however, is that the past years spent studying have not been wasted as you’ll utilise many of your skills in your new career.”

Jacob seemed relieved at this possibility and as he left he requested a brochure on my next tarot course. As I handed it to him I reminded him that he was welcome to study the tarot for personal use but that he wasn’t destined to become a tarot practitioner. Sometimes life presents a series of blockages when attempting to alter an individual’s direction. Some people need to be repeatedly frustrated before they’ll alter their life direction. Jacob’s frustrations were almost over.

© 2014 Paul Fenton-Smith