TV appearance on Sunday October 21st, 2018
Palmistry is currently experiencing a resurgence of interest. Consequently, I’ve given several television interviews and demonstrations recently. The most recent program aired on Sunday October the 21st at 12:00 noon on Channel Seven’s House of Wellness.

I’ve also filmed four short palmistry videos for YouTube and the first is already online. This one provides insights into the significance of the fingers and thumbs in hand readings. The other three will be on YouTube in the coming months. Click here to see interview.

My distance palm readings from photos have become more popular after a recent TV demonstration, providing a glimpse into what hands can reveal. It’s great to have opportunities to demonstrate how the ancient study of palmistry is still relevant today, thousands of years after it originated.

I first studied palmistry 40 years ago and I’m still passionate about it. This morning I received an email from a European client who had a reading during a holiday in Australia in 1988. He is returning to Sydney soon and has booked another reading, explaining the result of his original reading as
‘It was the first time I had ever done such a thing but that simple hour long reading with you had a profound effect on how I viewed my life. You pointed out a number of things which I couldn’t see myself at the time but which would have a significant bearing on the shape of my life to come.’


Palm readings on the Today show.

I had some fun with the Today show hosts when reading their hands, explaining the basics of palmistry and what the hands can reveal about a person. I gave a few quick readings on air during the segment and they were surprised at the amount of details available from clear photos of hands. I also gave some live hand readings to presenters afterwards.







Talks at the Sydney Mind Body Spirit festival in October.

I’m giving two talks at the Sydney Mind Body Spirit festival in late October including Your life in your hands, an introduction to what your hands reveal about you. It’s taken from my book Palmistry Revealed and offers a tourist’s glimpse of the ancient study of hand reading. It includes a few demonstrations with audience members.

I’m also looking at how we energetically recognise soul mates from past lives when they arrive in the present day in Where do I know you from? Soul mates throughout lives. During this talk I’ll ask for volunteers, trace some psychic energy cords connected to their soul mates and describe these individuals. This talk is taken from my book Finding Your Soul Mate.

Entrance to the festival is free via download and the festival is held in Sydney’s Olympic Park, close to trains and car parking.

Your life in your hands starts at 4:45 pm on Friday October the 27th.

Where do I know you from? Soul mates throughout lives starts at 2:15 pm on Saturday the 28th.  Handouts included. Download your free ticket here.


Talk – Managing your psychic cords to others.

Invisible energy cords bind us to people we care about. They can also link us to parts of ourselves we have left behind in life due to shock or trauma. More importantly, they can tie us to former partners or friends whom we no longer want to be connected to.

Sometimes it’s necessary to cut these cords to people we choose to be disassociate from. In this talk Paul offers a range of methods for cutting simple and more established psychic cords. Existing psychic cords are why we recognise soul mates when we meet them again this lifetime. These cords already exist due to past life connections.

Demonstrating how cords work with volunteers from the audience, Paul traces some cords and describes the person at the end of each energy cord. These may be friends, family members, current or former partners. In some demonstrations, Paul has described past work colleagues who secretly desired a volunteer and in doing so, formed strong cords to that individual.

Sometimes the person being described isn’t instantly recognised and volunteers often approach me after talks to say that they have remembered the person I described to them during a demonstration.

This talk is important for anyone who feels drained by a particular person or uncentred by life circumstances and wants to get back on their path in life. Paul is a lively speaker and his demonstrations are interesting and fun.

Date:  Thursday September the 28th, 2017  Time: 10:30 am – 12:00 pm.  Venue: Bookoccino Café and bookstore – 37a Old Barrenjoey Road, Avalon Beach NSW.  Fee:  $10. including a tea or coffee.  Details: Tel.  9973 1244

Talk – Moving from darkness into light.

I gave this talk in early September and included a demonstration of tracing psychic cords from a volunteer. I traced three cords and she identified the people described as her father, a former partner and someone she had fallen in love with overseas.

When a person is ready for the journey from spiritual darkness into light, help is often required to make a map to the destination. Although traumatic events can derail us from a balanced life, sometimes as children, we are not taught to address our deeper, spiritual needs.

In this event Paul Fenton-Smith presents a range of effective habits, methods and techniques for addressing spiritual nourishment. These vary from portable 5 minute processes to use in busy lives through to in-depth weekly meditations to ensure deeper, more enriching spiritual nourishment. Having a variety of quick, effective tools can help us maintain perspective when the demands of life leave us exhausted or fragmented. What will your life look like when you are spiritually nourished?

Please note:  This talk includes activities and audience members will require a pen to write four short lists. People tend to remember more when they participate. Paper supplied. This talk is based on Paul’s book A Secret Door to the Universe and he’ll be signing copies of the new edition after the talk.

Date:  Thursday September 7th, 2017    Venue: Heavenly Energies, 499 Willoughby Road, Willoughby NSW  Bookings essential on 9967 9415.


March 5th, 2012 on The Circle

March 5th, 2012 on The Circle

Click here to see Paul’s YouTube videos.


Appearance on The Circle

On his recent TV appearance on the Circle, Paul entertains the hosts with his observations on the way the Mob uses intuition. He also discusses the Tarot and gave a brief reading. Click here to see the video.

On Thursday, February the 7th, Paul also appeared discussing intuition and offered some simple ways to improve your innate psychic abilities. The group also looked at the four types of clairvoyants or the four distinct reading styles of psychics.

Click here to see this interview. Please note that it begins with a short station promo. Part of this interview was filmed at a recent Melbourne Mind Body Spirit festival where Paul was speaking about his new book Intuition. Click here for more information on Intuition.


Paul’s YouTube channel. Click on the link to see Paul speaking on a range of subjects, including psychic cleansing, intuitive development and reading the tarot. We are regularly adding to the list of videos.

On Stage at the Mind Body Spirit

Paul Fenton Smith at the Mind Body Spirit festival

Melbourne Visits in June

Paul visited Melbourne twice in June to speak at the Mind Body Spirit festival and to run a short workshop and a weekend course. He’ll also see some private clients for personal readings and private lessons.

Mastering the Tarot was the subject of Paul’s MBS talk on Saturday June the 9th at 3:00 pm. Paul explained the limitations of the tarot and why it’s best not to read for yourself.

Identifying your Psychic Strengths was the subject of Pauls talk at the MBS festival on Sunday June the 10th at 1:30 pm. Do you have any natural intuitive abilities? Do you have untapped psychic talents which can be strengthened? We all have some natural intuition according to clairvoyant Paul Fenton-Smith, who has been training professional psychics since 1985.