Intuitive readings from photographs. Many clairvoyants read from photographs, through distance readings. The process involves carefully focussing on an image and voicing or writing down what you sense. If you’re ready to develop your intuition, download this lesson on how to give intuitive readings from photographs. You’ll need a few volunteers to read for practice.

Counselling and hypnotherapy brochure. This outlines how counselling and hypnotherapy can help with resolving past issues and helping you to focus on present and future opportunities.

Identify your psychic strengths quiz. This quick quiz can help you discover your natural intuitive talents. By focussing on your strengths, its possible to develop your intuition more easily.

Tarot Log.  This is for tarot students who want to keep a record of each practice reading.

Advanced Tarot log. A record of advanced tarot readings.

Palmistry Log.  This is for palmistry students who want a record of each practice reading.

Soul Mates Quiz. See if you’re actually ready for a soulmate with this quick quiz.

Which Reading is Right for Me?  Unsure about what reading might best suit your needs? This quick quiz will narrow down the options.

Intuitive Diary.  A chance to record your intuitive experiences so that you can re-visit specific details when evens occur as predicted.

Psychic-cord cutting steps.  This includes a step-by-step process to cutting psychic cords that connect you to people around you. it’s a process that helps with personal spiritual cleansing.

Paul’s YouTube channel: This includes a range of short videos on palmistry, tarot reading and psychic cleansing. It also includes some public talks a television interviews.