What natural intuitive skills do you have?

Developing intuition is easier than most people realise. Like any other talent, it requires repetition to strengthen your skills. The first step is to identify your natural psychic talents and work from there. Quickest results stem from existing abilities, such as vivid dreams at night, strong hunches or gut feelings about a person or a [...]

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A secret door to other worlds

As a clairvoyant, I sometimes see clients whose lives have been derailed by traumatic past events. These individuals feel as though they are in the dark, fumbling around for a viable path back to spiritually rewarding lives. Being in the dark or being spiritually undernourished is indicated through ongoing tiredness, lack of motivation and fuzzy [...]

What are the ingredients of a great psychic reading?

I overheard some psychic development students at lunchtime discussing the difference between good and great clairvoyant readings that they have received. Accuracy was considered important but I believe that precision is only one ingredient in a powerful reading. The particular readings I remember receiving were unique in what went wrong. In one reading I received [...]

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The Benefits of Consulting a Medium

When you have lost someone dear to you, the pain and confusion can be overwhelming. During these periods of loss  some people find themselves consumed with regret over past opportunities not pursued and filled with fear about their own mortality. As the grief subsides it occurs to you that although you’ve lost someone close, your life [...]

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Developing Your Intuition

Good decision making often involves both logic and intuition. Developing and maintaining a reliable intuition without ignoring the rational mind is sometimes a delicate balancing act. When Philipe was considering settling down into a long term relationship with Manuela he used both logic and intuition to help him to decide upon the best course of [...]

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