Good decision making often involves both logic and intuition. Developing and maintaining a reliable intuition without ignoring the rational mind is sometimes a delicate balancing act.

When Philipe was considering settling down into a long term relationship with Manuela he used both logic and intuition to help him to decide upon the best course of action. At 47 years of age he was ten years older than Manuela. Philipe realised that Manuela wanted her own children and he wanted a family with her too. Logic reminded him that he’d be almost 70 years of age for the first child’s 21 st birthday and that it would require consistent effort and commitment to start a family now. He understood that he’d be mistaken for his child’s grandfather instead of his father, and that at almost 50 years of age, the effort and attention required to raise small children would be considerable.

Intuitively Philipe sensed that with Manuela he could carve out a rewarding and fulfilling life for himself. Despite being occasionally overwhelmed by the challenges family life might present, his instincts told him that the long term rewards would be worth the effort.

In psychic development courses students often ask how they can distinguish between intuition and imagination. How can they know with certainty that the images or feelings they are experiencing are not imagined or simply the product of their hopes and desires. I use a simple procedure to ensure what I have gleaned from my intuition is accurate.

If I meditate with the purpose of contacting my spirit guides for information about myself or events in the future, I usually ask for some detailed information about the next 48 hours. They’ll tell me something specific which I don’t know will occur and if this occurs within 48 hours, then it is likely that the rest of the information they have given me in that meditation is accurate. If what they have told me does not occur, I disregard the rest of the meditation and accept that it was probably inaccurate too. In this way, predicted events 12 to 24 months ahead can be tested with short term predictions.

Even in a deep meditation it is sometimes easy to imagine our greatest hopes fulfilled while believing that what you see is an accurate intuitive glimpse of the future. There is a very fine line between imagination and intuition, but with regular practice you can become aware when you have crossed that line.

When giving clairvoyant readings I often see images or scenes. If I glimpse a scene and then turn to the client before me to discuss something I can glance back to check if that scene is still intuitively visible. If it is, then I describe what I can see to my client. If not, then it’s likely that it was my imagination, or it was a less likely choice or path ahead of the client.

Many people believe that intuition is a gift, and that those blessed with this gift are somehow chosen or special. I believe that we are all born intuitive.

Before developing language skills, small children often read the energy of circumstances and of the people around them. As they develop language skills intuition falls away, in favour of logic. Schooling reinforces this reliance upon logic and by the time we are adults, many of us have forgotten how to use basic intuition.

This simple intuition which children use is animal intuition. It is instinctual, often surfacing as ‘gut feelings’ or ‘a hunch’ and developed throughout the ages for survival. It is useful for sensing if a person or a situation is safe but it is of limited use if you need subtle information.

For more subtle or complex issues, spiritual intuition is required. Spiritual intuition allows you to ask specific questions and receive clear, precise answers, provided that you are centred, calm and not too attached to an outcome. This last part is particularly tricky, because the times we are most in need of intuitive information are usually the times when we are most attached to a particular outcome.

When Nick separated from his long term partner he was devastated. Alison was the love of his life and he sank into a deep depression for several months. Seeking hope he meditated each day, asking for guidance. During one meditation he asked for the name of his next partner, just to have some hope for his future. He wasn’t given a name. Lowering his expectations somewhat, he then asked for the name of the next person he’d sleep with. In reply he wasn’t given a name but the first letter of the girl’s name. The letter ‘S’. For the next few days he searched through his list of acquaintances whose names began with an S including Sally, Suzanne, Selma, Stephanie and Sandy. He had initially been attracted to Suzanne but nothing had eventuated and they became friends.

When he mentioned his meditation to friends, they teased him by pointing out his male friends whose names began with an S. Stephen, Sam and Sven were suggested as possible partners but Nick ignored the teasing. Over the coming year Nick recovered from the loss of his relationship and when asked about the ‘S’ girl he sighed. “It turned out to be Suzanne after all. She came over for dinner one night and got thoroughly drunk. I wouldn’t let her drive home and made a bed up for her in the spare room. She insisted on sitting in my bed telling me her entire life history with a glass of red wine in one hand at 2:30 in the morning. We fell asleep together and it was as predicted. Her name begins with an S and we slept together but nothing happened. Next time I go into meditation I plan to slap my guides for being so literal.”

After my annual psychic development courses conclude some students find that their meditation practice is interrupted by the demands of life. Gradually the skills they have developed fall into disuse. To assist them to maintain good meditation practice I have produced a CD Guided Meditations for Improving Your Intuition.

It offers three simple, yet powerful meditations which with regular practice can help you to strengthen and improve your intuition. Meditation is itself an important source of spiritual nourishment, and combined with intuitive practice it can assist you in daily life. Being able to contact your higher self, that spiritually evolved part of yourself, for guidance when you need it most is an important skill to have at your disposal.

We are all faced with seemingly overwhelming obstacles from time to time in life and friends or counsellors are not always available when we need their support in facing our issues. Being able to meditate and access spiritual support throughout our darkest days can be a life changing event. Practising intuitive meditation before you are faced with difficult circumstances strengthens your technique for when you need it most. Having a reliable connection with your spirit guides and your higher self through meditation, based on accurate past information received gives you confidence when you seek intuitive assistance in times of trouble.

The Intuition CD enables former psychic development students to build skills and it will be included in my forthcoming Psychic Development correspondence course. As a stand-alone tool it is still an effective means to develop or to strengthen your intuition in your own time.

For more guidance on developing personal intuitive abilities, see my book Intuition. or my Psychic Energy Cords interview on YouTube. Intuition is the course notes for my annual Psychic Development course.   A range of other courses are also available.