With more of us confined to homes or neighbourhoods, many people are asking what their lives will look like in a year or two from now. As a clairvoyant, this is what I do, so demand for my services has been strong this year. What has surprised me is the questions clients have been asking.

I expected most people to ask if their jobs are safe but instead, they are enquiring about different jobs or new career directions. It’s as if having to work from home has given them time to reflect on career direction and they don’t like what they see ahead. As a result, they’re asking about re-training, planning innovative career changes and pursuing new directions.

This break from the daily grind has provided employees a chance to reassess personal life values. If this glimpse into the future of clients is a guide to the wider community, vocational courses will be in great demand when life returns to normal.

One client explained that if he was to work from home long-term, he wouldn’t need to live in the city or close to public transport. If you’re not taking a train or a bus to work each day, you have wider choices of home location. A quick online search indicated that for the same money he was paying for a one-bedroom city apartment, he could afford a three-bedroom home with a garden. Working from home isn’t so bad when you can sip your morning coffee on the back porch with a glorious view.

My house backs on to a 17-acre park that few locals know about, so it’s perfect for a walk out in nature during my lunch breaks or after work. It’s as if I’ve been preparing for this type of lockdown for years. After four months of only taking online clients, I’m gradually seeing a few regulars in person. It’s been an enjoyable transition to online readings because the options for distance sessions have improved with Skype, FaceTime and Zoom.

Some elderly clients who initially resisted online sessions have warmed to the concept when they can see and hear me clearly. Of course, there are distractions during sessions, like when a client spilled her coffee down her dress and when cats park themselves on a person’s desk, lap or keyboard. In a recent Skype session, I watched the family dog eat my client’s lunch from his desk as he searched for his questions list and his reading glasses. In the background, two children repeatedly bounced a basketball off a nearby internal wall. The poor guy was tired, frazzled and out of his depth that day.

Another client drove to a nearby shopping centre and parked in the car park. She had her reading from the front seat of her car to avoid the distractions of family and to be out of earshot of her husband. Later she emailed that she went shopping directly after her session and my recording of the session arrived on her phone before she arrived home. It’s great to see clients adapting. Initially distance readings were primarily for interstate and overseas clients but suddenly I’m giving private lessons to people in my own postcode.
I initially resisted giving distance readings until a friend put it this way.
“Why is it so difficult? Surely some future incidents predicted are further away than the client’s you’re reading for.”

Around 12 years ago I designed a pure clairvoyance reading for clients. This whole-life reading uses no tools. Instead, I meditate directly before each session and sit with clients, just talking about their lives for 50 minutes. Having only the client’s first name and current age, I look back to life-shaping incidents from childhood, through the teenage years and then briefly through each decade until the person’s life ends. Then I intuitive ask the (newly deceased) client the highlights of that life. Next, I move forward to see who meets that individual on the other side once this life has concluded. I have to be careful with this part, in case a client’s deceased child or younger sibling meets them. It doesn’t always benefit a person to know about this in advance.

It’s a tricky process and I need to be centred, focussed and calm to ensure accuracy. Because it’s like a high-wire act without a net below, I reserve the right to cancel the session on the day if I’m uncentred or unwell. Until this year I had never offered this as a distance session. Then during the lockdown in April, people booked pure clairvoyance readings. When I phoned to explain that I don’t provide distance pure readings, they said that they were happy to try if I was. The feedback was positive so for now, I’m giving distance pure readings. These distance readings are as stressful as they were for me in person 12 years ago. However, I know that this pressure will subside in time.

With more clients looking to change career direction, I’m curious about what new businesses, services and vocations will open up as a result of COVID-19. The last 20 years have been a period of steady change in goods and services (just consider the demise of CD’s, video cassettes, travel agents and home phones) with a range of new options such as mobile phones, tablets, e-books and online stores. At this point in history with many of us confined to our homes, not leaving the house has never been so good, unless of course, you have four sporty children under age ten.

Paul teaches intro and advanced psychic development courses.

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