Sometimes, when flood waters are suddenly high or you’re overwhelmed with life’s demands, it’s almost impossible to know what is important. You’re essentially too close to critical issues to have a clear perspective.

Asking yourself ‘What do I most need to know right now?’ can make all the difference. To ensure even more clarity, I usually ask the cards and then take a photo of the layout or leave them in position for 24 hours. This gives me a chance to think about the spread, the question and my immediate life circumstances.

One day recently, when I was stressing about writing deadlines, the answer to this question was another question – “Is worrying the best use of my time right now?” It wasn’t of course, so I made a careful plan and slept well that night, knowing that I could see the steps on the path ahead. I was confident that I’d move forward with a sense of purpose and precision.

In the bigger picture, if we hold back from pursuing our life goals, time steals our opportunities. However, we cannot climb every mountain, so we need to pick those challenges we are confident about.

During tarot / clairvoyance readings, I encourage clients to ask what they most need to know right now as it’s broad enough to encompass areas of life they don’t necessarily perceive to be an immediate issue. Knowing what’s important before it’s screamingly obvious can help us to avoid unwanted trauma and stress and given the last two years, we’ve probably had enough anxiety for a while.

(c) Copyright 2022 Paul Fenton-Smith.   (Image by Alessandra Caretto.)