Have you ever asked a question of a tarot reader and received an obscure answer that was unclear? Don’t risk leaving the session confused. Take time to clarify what you need to know. Next time this occurs, try asking a range of different, perhaps more precise queries. Important issues sometimes require a series of questions to clarify the best direction directions to take but it’s often worth the effort.

When 27-year-old Maria asked about the future for love relationships, her layout contained no obvious opportunities for a partner in the next two years. Instead of proceeding with the next question on a different topic, I suggested she ask one of several possible questions to clarify her path. These included:

  • Do I need to release someone from my past to be ready for a new love relationship?
  • What can I do to prepare for my next long-term love relationship?
  • Have I already met someone who will make a suitable spouse if I choose to pursue a relationship?
  • Is my next long-term partner currently in a relationship?

The final question can encourage the client to have patience when a potential partner is not yet ready for romance. There’s no point meeting Mr Right while he is focussed on saving his present failing relationship. Pursuing a new partnership before the existing one has been resolved could cause his current partner to blame you for their break up. The emotional aftermath could make yours a transitional liaison rather than a lasting one.

Skilful readers often have brief conversations with clients to narrow the focus of a particular question. Karen was nearing retirement age and had recently purchased a country cottage. She planned to settle in her beautiful garden home, with views of rolling hills and walking paths nearby.

She awoke one morning in a state of panic, unsure she was doing the right thing, so that afternoon, she booked a reading to ask if it was wise to move to the country. A few different questions could cover this issue, including:

  • Is this a suitable time for me to move to the country?
  • Is my new cottage ideal for the next stage of my life?
  • Is it prudent to remain in my current job for the next two years to save additional money to fund my retirement?
  • Is it wise to retire to my cottage this year?
  • Is it worthwhile to rent out the cottage until I’m ready to move into it?
  • Is the new cottage the most suitable location for me to live in retirement?

Karen asked if it was prudent to remain in her current job for the next two years. The cards suggested it was not the best choice for her. We rephrased the question for a period of one year and the cards indicated that this was wise. Karen was nervous about her life transition and with good reason. If she changed her mind, it would not be possible to return to her current job or get a new career at age sixty-one.

This answer ruled out the question “Is it wise to move into the cottage this year?” Karen then asked if her new cottage was suitable for the next stage of her life.

The cards were less straightforward, with the upright Eight of Wands (success and ease of movement towards goals) as the outcome but the reversed Four of Wands (being unsettled in home environment or living in temporary accommodation) as the answer. I interpreted this to mean that the move was fine but within two years she might move again. The reversed Four of Wands doesn’t indicate settling into an environment. Instead, it suggests a temporary home or not feeling anchored in the neighbourhood. Living in a location soon reveals how suitable it is for personal needs.

Karen was upset at this prediction and hesitant about moving from the city if her next move wasn’t likely to be permanent. To alleviate her fears and clarify the move, I intuitively scanned ahead to see images of her new life in three years. I picked this time frame because it allowed for her to leave her job, move into the cottage and then move again.

The intuitive images revealed Karen would be living in a grand old home surrounded by beautiful established gardens. This was not a cottage but it did have a small cottage in the grounds. She was supervising renovations and preparing a website for paying guests. Karen was creating a guesthouse close to a tourist town after the previous owner had sold it to move into aged care. To afford this property, Karen had to sell her cottage. If my glimpsed images were any guide, she had no regrets.

To be certain this path would be fruitful, I scanned ahead five years, beyond the renovations. Karen was running a successful business with the assistance of a small staff of locals. She had converted a large dining room with expansive views from a wide veranda into a café that drew in customers all day. The café also promoted the accommodation. Clearly, her retirement would have to wait.

I could have added another card to the upright Eight of Wands (the outcome card) to clarify the answer without having to use intuition. The Eight indicated Karen would be happy with her life in two years despite no longer being in her retirement cottage.

I thought Karen might have to wait two years to realise the prediction was correct. During this period, she was likely to move again because her needs were changing. By scanning ahead, it was possible to clarify that although Karen was primed to leave the city for a new life, she was not yet ready for retirement. Working in her current job for another year might also provide more savings to help purchase a grander property in two years.

Although Karen had made the best plans possible for her future, it seemed that life was presenting an even better option. Having glimpsed the likely outcome, my hope is that I’m offered a substantial discount and a room with a view when I visit.

© Copyright 2020 Paul Fenton-Smith.     (Images by Unsplash.)

This text is taken from Paul’s new book Advanced Tarot. Paul also teaches tarot courses in Sydney.