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This advanced tarot guide is for people who want to make sense of layouts and help clients to carefully word questions for improved accuracy. It’s a comprehensive book and at 556 pages, Advanced Tarot provides a clear guide for beginners and experienced tarot readers.

If you want to improve your vision of the future, make sense of the court cards in layouts or tie cards together to form clear stories, Advanced Tarot is the book you need. Advanced Tarot is destined to become the go-to reference for readers who value clarity when giving meaningful predictions.


This in-depth tarot book is for people who want to make more sense of layouts and help clients to word questions more carefully for improved accuracy. It’s a comprehensive book and at 550+ pages, Advanced Tarot provides a clear guide for beginners and experienced tarot readers.

Advanced tarot also

  • Explains each card, upright and reversed in clear, simple language.
  • Includes card images so the readers can immediately associate meanings with specific cards.
  • Includes real life examples from being a professional tarot reader and teacher with more than 30 years experience.
  • Includes a range of simple, unique tarot layouts.
  • This is an accessible tarot book that is suitable for both beginners and advanced tarot readers.
  • Makes the reading process easier by separating each card meaning into general, career, relationship and health meanings. These are easy reference points when giving readings.
  • Provides vivid examples from real life so that you can remember card meanings more clearly.
  • Includes a range of helpful charts for a simple overview of the card meanings and the reading process.

Advanced Tarot is destined to become the go-to reference for readers who value clarity when providing meaningful predictions. Each court card is distilled into seven upright and seven reversed groups of meanings and this book includes tips on developing personal intuition to add depth to tarot sessions. Paul has also designed a three-day Advanced Tarot Course based on this book.

Details: 556 pp including a range of useful charts. Blue Angel Publishing, 2021.

Reviews for this book.

If you were to buy only one Tarot book in your life, this is it. Advanced Tarot is the penultimate learning and reference guide. I’ve enjoyed a thriving 12-year career as a reader since taking Paul’s courses and reading all his other books (I read everything I can get my hands on about Tarot!) so I can honestly recommend this excellent resource. You can’t go wrong whether you are a learner (don’t be afraid of the depth) or a professional. I gained much greater insight into the reversed Major arcana and also found it helpful as a refresher for meanings I already knew.

It encompasses all the cards in a logical, organised colourful easily-read format. In fact, with this book, you don’t have to memorise a lot of words, you will understand the meanings. Paul’s eloquent writing delivers beautiful insights into life’s complex motivations – a rewarding book to read even if you don’t plan to be a professional reader. But if you do plan to, this reference tool is a must have.  N. G. – Victoria.

I recently purchased Advanced Tarot by Paul Fenton-Smith. I have owned several of Paul’s books, however, this book is by far the most comprehensive.  I find it is the only book I refer to now. It provides an in-depth description of each tarot card from multiple perspectives such as career, relationship or a general reading. It also provides several different tarot card layout suggestions for different situations. What I particularly like is he uses lots of anonymous examples throughout the book of readings he has done and what card combinations led him to interpret this reading. I find by including the different client stories it makes the book very easy to read and helps considerably when trying to interpret the cards.  I highly recommend purchasing this book. In my opinion it is the only tarot book that you need to own.   Patricia L. – Sydney

Advanced Tarot is the number one resource in my library. Complete with detailed card meanings, offering a range of interpretations regarding general and specific questions around relationships, career and health, this is a must have guide for all tarot readers. Very compressive and easy to follow, this book also contains handy reference charts, advanced reading techniques as well as sample readings to see the tarot in action. Advanced Tarot is an excellent read and an outstanding reference book on the tarot. I highly recommend it. C. T. (Melbourne).

This long-awaited masterpiece is the best tarot book I have purchased. Excellently written for both students and professional readers, it is a clear and inspiring tarot companion, jam-packed with knowledge, guidance and examples providing deep insight and allowing readers to hone their skills. Powerful and enjoyable reading. Thank you!  Gillian E. (UK.)

This is the definitive tarot book. I have purchased over a dozen books on tarot over the years and this book is excellent. It’s well written, informative and got some excellent examples. I’m a practising tarot reader and gleaned a lot of extra information from this publication. I highly recommend it and will be sending some copies to my colleagues. It’s a great read. Do yourself a favour and buy it. I wish it was in hardcover because it’s the manual on tarot. After 40 years in the business, Paul Fenton Smith should be proud of this volume. He knows his stuff.  I’ve read his other books which are good but this one is the icing on the cake. Thank you to my friend, Luci who recommended it.  Lilly Gardener (NSW).

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