Tarot quiz

Test your tarot knowledge with these short quizzes. Tarot quiz 1 provides an opportunity to refresh your memory of tarot card meanings. Tarot quiz 2. This tarot quiz provides a quick way to test your knowledge of card meanings. It also highlights unique card meanings related to specific questions. I’ll add more quizzes in the [...]

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What do I most need to know right now?

Sometimes, when flood waters are suddenly high or you’re overwhelmed with life’s demands, it’s almost impossible to know what is important. You’re essentially too close to critical issues to have a clear perspective. Asking yourself ‘What do I most need to know right now?’ can make all the difference. To ensure even more clarity, I [...]

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Gaining more clarity in tarot readings.

Have you ever asked a question of a tarot reader and received an obscure answer that was unclear? Don’t risk leaving the session confused. Take time to clarify what you need to know. Next time this occurs, try asking a range of different, perhaps more precise queries. Important issues sometimes require a series of questions [...]

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Making Reversed Cards Clear in Tarot Readings

Author and clairvoyant Paul Fenton-Smith advocates that to allow for life’s shades of grey, it is vital to include reversed cards in tarot readings. Using only upright cards limits the subtleties of insightful interpretations. Having no reversed cards in a deck can also increase inaccuracy when answering yes/no questions. A recent reading illustrates issue. Clara [...]

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Telephone / Skype Readings – Remote Viewing

Over the past decade with the pace of city life increasing, more clients have become receptive to having telephone, Skype and FaceTime readings. For some individuals, it’s not possible to find travel time plus an hour to sit with a reader while for others, distance is the issue as they live interstate or overseas. More [...]

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The Tarot – A Personal Journey

Some students of the tarot are not interested in becoming professional tarot readers. For these individuals, the tarot is a guide on their personal and private journey through life. This carefully constructed deck of 78 cards offers insights into how to overcome many of life’s obstacles. It illuminates underlying spiritual lessons in setbacks or disappointments. [...]


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