Over the past decade with the pace of city life increasing, more clients have become receptive to having telephone, Skype and FaceTime readings. For some individuals, it’s not possible to find travel time plus an hour to sit with a reader while for others, distance is the issue as they live interstate or overseas. More recently, clients are preferring not to travel and to minimise physical contact with other people to avoid possible health risks.

One regular client who is a sales rep is on the road every day, remembered her telephone reading appointment while she was travelling between Sydney and Canberra (around 285 km away). She managed to park the car off the road and phone me on her car phone, referring to her questions list on her iPad. She had plenty to think about for the rest of her journey.

Sometimes a change in health makes a phone reading more appealing. When Sandra had hip replacement surgery, complications meant that she wasn’t able to leave the house for a few weeks. This gave her plenty of time to consider her health, career and travel options and plan for when she was on her feet again. Her phone reading contained some of the most carefully prepared questions I’ve heard in years. “I may have over-prepared my questions,” she apologised and then listed far too many questions for a single reading. We began by prioritising her most important questions.

There are a few limitations with distance readings. Provided that the connection is clear and that the client isn’t distracted by small children, a demanding boss or a noisy café as a background, phone readings are close to personal readings in accuracy and content. Clients can expect between 85 and 95% of the accuracy of a personal reading. Preparation of questions is more important in these sessions because we move quickly through the process.

I work more intuitively in phone readings because the client isn’t sitting before me and I don’t have the luxury of facial expressions to tell me when the person needs more clarity about a particular issue. I find that I speak more quickly too, as my initial telephone training was on radio. In live radio readings, you can’t stop speaking for more than two seconds as ‘dead air time’ is noticeable. This means that I have to glean information, edit it, make it succinct and present it aloud simultaneously.

For this reason my phone sessions are 30 and 45 minutes in length. To be effective for an hour on the phone at that pace I’d need a kilo of dark chocolate to turbo-charge my energy. I’m gradually training myself to pause more, to give clients time to absorb what I’ve said while framing their questions.

Phone readings still give clients the chance to ask about the usual concerns, including love relationships (current and potential), travel plans, health issues, financial stability and career prospects. In extended (45 minute) readings they sometimes ask about the best university for a child or even their innate talents that can be encouraged and developed. 30 minute readings include a general reading and up to four questions while 45 minute readings cover a general reading with up to seven questions. I use the term ‘up to’ because sometimes a client takes seven minutes clarifying a question, restricting the possibility of covering as many issues. Many however, require only 30 – 60 seconds to choose the most suitable question when I provide some options.

I tried email reading many years ago but these weren’t as effective and took too long. With a CD or a USB recording posted to the caller within the week, it’s possible for them to hear readings repeatedly or to transcribe them for easy reference when events occur later.

Telephone readings

I have regulars who prefer phone readings during office hours, where they close the office door and treat the session as any other telephone meeting. Next time you pass a colleagues office and he’s engrossed in a phone call, take a moment to listen into the conversation. He might be asking if it’s wise to accept a job offer he’s had from another company or if the planned merger will go ahead. It you loiter by the door long enough, you might hear him ask about redundancies or downsizing. While brushing up on your eavesdropping skills, take a moment to ask him for my number to check your own job stability. Alternatively you might simply wait for the boss to announce the cuts in due course. Either way the future arrives as it usually does, one hour at a time.

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