With the recent introduction of a range of perfumes by Dolce and Gabbana named after tarot cards, clients have been asking if there is any correlation between types of people and fragrances they prefer. The five D&G fragrances include The Fool, The Empress, The Lovers, the Wheel of Fortune and The Moon. They are also numbered as the tarot cards are numbered.

The concept is that these fragrances are inspired by women’s personality traits, which in itself is a great idea.

However, with 25 years experience in professional tarot reading, I find the link between these perfumes and the tarot to be tenuous. The Fool is a masculine card, so technically is doesn’t belong with this set. The Empress is a good choice, because it represents an earthy, sensual woman who is generous and emotionally strong. The Lovers is a positive card, representing the blending of masculine and feminine energies in a complimentary way. It can signify the first stage of romantic love, which is when positive associations between a fragrance and a partner is cemented. It shows the importance of having someone special to soften the way when we face life’s challenges.

The Wheel of Fortune is neither masculine nor feminine, but represents the gradual changing of the four seasons. If I gave a bottle of this to my partner, she might assume that I was suggesting that she was moody – four seasons in one day.

The Moon represents another feminine quality; creative inspiration. The Moon card describes intuitive dreams at night, creative imagination and the ability to read the energy of a person or a situation without a word being said.

Other tarot cards which represent feminine characteristics include The High Priestess, Strength and The Star, but these have not been included in this fragrance range.

Taste in perfume is highly subjective, especially when you consider how a scent which you once loved, can be ruined by being associated with a negative experience. If a perfume or an aftershave reminds you of a past partner and a relationship which ended badly, you may never be able to wear it again.

When Sarah ends a love relationship, she usually changes her hairstyle, replaces some of her outfits and updates her perfume. These steps help her to release the past partner and an old chapter, to make room in her life for new opportunities. Perhaps D&G might consider a range of perfumes and aftershaves which mirror the changes in our lives and the chapters and people we embrace, and then release, as we sail through life.

I’m looking forward to splashing on The World and stepping onto a flight to London or trying The Sun aftershave, as I hit the beach, or the local spray tan salon. I’ll save that bottle of The Hermit for another day and the perfect gift after a friend’s bitter divorce might be a large gift box bottle of Death.