I’ve been offering clients Pure Clairvoyance readings for around 12 years now and although these readings are difficult to give, I wanted more. My sense of frustration peaked recently when a client who has had regular tarot / clairvoyance readings with me arrived with well-formed questions.

Eva explained that in her reading a few years ago she focused on a surgical procedure she was planning to undergo. She asked if it was wise to go ahead with it, if it would improve her quality of life and if it was a safe procedure for her. All of these were clear, reasonable, relevant questions and the cards suggested that it was a safe procedure and that her quality of life would improve soon after the procedure. A week later Eva decided not to proceed with the operation.

More recently she consulted me about a job offer she was considering. It was a promotion to her dream job with a range of perks including worldwide travel, a healthy pay increase and a golden handshake of 50,000 company shares. The job looked promising and included transfers to London and then Zurich with a relocation allowance. Soon after the reading Eva declined the job offer and remained where she was.

When she arrived recently for another reading I ignored her question about whether it was wise to open her own business and simply asked “Will Eva do as she is planning?” The answer was no. I told her so and she was immediately cut adrift from her carefully planned questions.

My first question was “What will Eva do instead?” She wanted to resume asking about her business plans but it was clear to me that something else was going on.

“What’s going on here?” I asked her.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I see a pattern. From my side of the table it seems as though this is the third time you’ve booked a reading and asked a range of carefully crafted questions about something you won’t be doing. Within a month the reading is superseded by a new plan. Does this sound like a reasonable assessment of the situation to you?”

“It could be just coincidence,” she said.

“Three times in a row? Shall I ask you after your eighth reading?” We sat in silence for a while and pondered the possibilities. “Can I suggest a few possibilities of what might be going on here?”

“Sure,” she said, looking slightly nervous.

“Number one; you don’t like being told what you’ll do and so you are resistant to anything predicted for you. As a result, you exercise your free will soon after a reading. Two, you may have difficulties making long-term commitments. Three, you need to be asking ‘will I do this?’ instead of ‘Is it wise to do this? Four, just to indulge my imagination; you’re writing a thesis on how clairvoyants can be consistently inaccurate and I’m part of your research.”

She sighed, uncertain as to where to go from there.

“Can I suggest a few more possible questions for you to ask instead of what’s on your list?”


“How about these possible questions. Will starting my own business bring me the happiness I seek? Why do I reconsider my options after having been told that my plans are positive and will be fulfilling if I pursue them? What is the underlying pattern for me in having these readings with Paul?

It turned out to be a possibility that I had considered but didn’t want to say aloud. It was that she was tired of being told what to do by men; from her father and her partner to her boss and her male friends. The immediate solution to this was for Eva to find a female clairvoyant. The deeper solution was her to remind herself that she was consulting me for guidance and we both recognised that she has the freedom to take any direction she wants in her life. For the remainder of the reading I didn’t make confident statements about what she was going to do in the future. I posed more questions and stepped into the role of a counsellor, allowing Eva to clarify her own choices.

After this reading I gave considerable thought to how I might fine-tune the reading process to improve accuracy and include the client more fully in the reading process. The answer came suddenly when Maeve booked for a Pure Clairvoyance reading.

This was her third reading. I wondered why she wanted so many, given that they are whole-life readings. She later explained that a stillness and calm descended over her after each reading and she left with inner peace and a sense that everything was going to be okay.

During my meditation directly before her reading I decided to meet her higher-self to ask her a few questions. The higher-self is the spiritual part of each of us. This part of us has been present since the beginning and has already glimpsed the end of the path for us. Essentially the process of meeting Maeve’s higher-self in meditation was to eliminate all of the fear, worries and unnecessary stress and gain valuable insight into Maeve’s current life.

Girl Reading Outside

Maeve’s higher-self gave me three incidents in her early life that had shaped her beliefs. The first one at five years of age, involved her father bullying her. His unpredictable behaviour was due to alcohol abuse and not her actions, but as a small child she was fearful and confused by his outbursts of rage. The second, at 11 years of age involved a deep sense of loss as her best friend left her life and moved to another school. The third incident occurred in her early twenties when she felt completely alone in a love relationship and wondered if she was from a foreign place. She felt that she’d never be understood or even tolerated by others this lifetime.

Maeve’s higher-self was so specific about these events that I asked her to accompany me throughout the reading to answer any questions Maeve might have. When Maeve sat down I explained about the three incidents in her life and she began to cry. I felt honoured to glimpse who she was and to be able to support her.

As the reading progressed, each time Maeve asked a question I asked her higher-self who answered it immediately. To test the process I told Maeve about events from each year of her life from 12, passing through her present age of 39 to 48. She confirmed each event until her present age. These events ranged from studies she had completed to job changes, friends’ weddings and supporting a girlfriend through a health crisis.

I was astounded. Could it really be this easy? Could I meditate before a Pure Clairvoyance reading and then ask the client’s higher-self to sit with me throughout the reading to answer questions?

Naturally it’s not quite that simple. I have to be able to contact the client’s higher-self and then he or she has to agree to be present while I avoid becoming un-centred by anything during the reading which might result in losing my connection to the spiritual part of the client. Essentially it’s a high wire act.

It’s possible that I was able to request that Maeve’s higher-self sit with me throughout the reading because she had consulted me previously. After saying goodbye to Maeve and severing my connection to her higher-self, I scripted the steps required to repeat this process.

I then organised a group of volunteers and tried to repeat the process. I sought people that I had read for previously as well as people I had never met, just to confirm that I wasn’t holding onto any psychic cords to previous clients.

When it came time to ask questions, the volunteers didn’t hold back. From “What is my purpose for being here?” to “Which of my paintings will sell if I include them in my next exhibition?” they arrived with clear lists. Then I decided to ask the clients’ higher-self for details of a specific event that was going to occur in the next month, to confirm the prediction part of the reading and not simply the past.

I knew that the process was working when some of the volunteers phoned back to request a second and a third reading. They had heard the recordings and immediately prepared new list of questions.

Higher self

This reading process is complicated as I meditate for 30 minutes before the client arrives, to centre myself and contact the client’s higher self. During this meditation I ask one or to two specific questions that the client has given me. I record these answers, speaking while I’m meditating. The client arrives and I complete the rest of the reading process face to face in a 40 minute reading. The client can ask questions, clarifying issues as we proceed.

One morning it occurred to me that instead of working steadily through this process to develop a new reading I might simply meditate and contact my higher-self. I could ask for the most effective way to structure this reading, record his answer and get on with it.

Half expecting my higher-self to being with “Welcome dufus. You took your time finding this short cut didn’t you?” I tried out the process. Instead my higher-self suggested that clients arrive for the whole reading but that they sit in the waiting room while I meditate. This ensures that I’ve met the client and will recognise them in meditation.

I then sit each client down, meditate and ask the two questions the client has given me and then end the meditation process, maintaining a connection to the client’s higher-self. The client then takes his or her seat in my office and we complete the reading face to face. It is important that the client isn’t sitting before me while I meditate so that I don’t feel pressured to speak. Instead I can meditate in peace and ask the clients questions at the right moment.

I have tried this new process with some volunteers and it works well. Happy with the results I was finally ready to offer this reading to the public. It is a powerful, intense experience, both for the reader and the client, offering a chance to explore both whole-life spiritual concerns and immediate practical issues.

I intend to meet my higher-self regularly because he’s the most insightful life coach I’ve ever met. My payment to him for his efforts will be to pay attention to what I’m told.   Click here for more information.

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