One of the most effective ways to access personal intuition is through meditation. By calming the mind, it’s possible to listen to other parts of yourself that contain valuable information about immediate opportunities and forthcoming prospects. Being able to notice the potential in particular options is the first step towards making positive choices. Every constructive decision smooths the way towards a more successful, fulfilling life.

By increasing personal awareness of information and the energy fields of others, one gradually becomes more attuned to surroundings, sounds, fragrances and foods. This increased sensitivity can affect intuitive accuracy, so it’s important to notice how particular foods affect your physical body. When keeping an intuitive diary of predictions and outcomes, recording personal diet and energy levels at the times each forecast is attempted can be valuable indicators of dietary influences.

For some individuals, avoidance of sugar is paramount in the intuitive development process, as they become un-centred or less intuitively aware after consuming sugary foods. Sometimes, consumption of dairy products or red meat can influence personal awareness and accuracy. Everyone is unique, so discovering what, if any, foods negatively influence intuitive perception can help improve meditation depths. Deep, still, clear periods of meditation can make two hours feel like ten minutes while providing pure focus and concentration on exploring your future.

For people wanting to reach great spiritual awareness in physical and mental stillness, consumption of garlic is best avoided, as it tends to limit high meditations. A person can enjoy deep, relaxing contemplation after eating garlic but it’s not as easy to reach spiritual heights in meditation for several days afterwards. It depends on the particular purpose for contemplation. If centred stillness is the goal, garlic is unlikely to be a bocking influence. However, if the aim is for tranquillity to increase perception and access spiritual information, consumption of garlic is likely to be a limiting factor.

When Ellyn began private lessons in psychic development, she explained that despite regular meditation practice, she was unable to ‘see’ her guides or psychic cords. At first, I assumed that she required a different technique but when this didn’t help, we explored external and internal distractions that might be restricting her success.

Despite closing the door to her study before periods of stillness and contemplation to keep her cat out, playing relaxing music and attempting sessions at different times of the day, Ellyn still struggled with the process. Then I asked her to talk me through every action she took from waking up until she commenced meditating. Her start to the day included drinking a cup of herbal tea with a healthy breakfast, she also mentioned that she ate a chocolate bar with her morning tea prior to her contemplative ritual.

I suggested that she avoid the chocolate bar or eat it after her session to gauge any difference in the actual process. She also needed to avoid chocolate, tea or coffee on the day of her next lesson to notice any differences. The following week Ellyn explained that her sessions on the days she didn’t eat chocolate were slightly better. She seemed more focussed during her lesson and although this was an improvement, it wasn’t the actual breakthrough she wanted.

I asked her to outline exactly what she had eaten for breakfast on the days she went without chocolate before meditation. She mentioned whole-wheat toast with butter and jam, so I suggested that she avoid these on the no chocolate days and see if her focus and results improved.

During her next lesson she enthusiastically explained how she had seen more than ever before during meditations after changing her toast spread to avocado topped with tomato and cracked pepper. With a few more steps of elimination and reintroduction, Ellyn realised that a mild intolerance to dairy reduced her intuitive clarity and focus during these stillness routines. As she began to eliminate all dairy from her diet over the next few months, Ellyn’s intuitive perceptions sharpened and she was able to see her higher self during meditation as well as scanning her pets for health issues. As a result, she was able to discover some future benefits of a painting class she was attending as well as glimpse the outcome of a planned overseas trip.

Some obvious culprits in limiting intuitive awareness include alcohol, smoking, junk food and some prescribed medications or recreational drugs. Obviously, it’s important to consult a doctor or a qualified health practitioner before withdrawing from prescribed medication. However, not all prescribed drugs influence awareness. Temporary elimination of a particular food and then reintroduction after a short period can help to identify what, if any, foods reduce personal sensitivity. This process is easier if everything else in one’s diet and life remains stable during these assessment periods. There’s not much point in testing personal reactivity during periods of high tension or personal chaos as stressful circumstances usually affect results.

Because intuitive sensitivity requires a delicate balance of mind and body, seemingly insignificant foods, sounds, smells can upset this balance, resulting in poor focus or concentration plus unreliable results. Without these limiting influences, information gleaned during meditations can be surprisingly accurate. This is where an intuitive diary comes into play. Whether it’s a hand-written record on an old notepad or a digital diary on a phone or tablet, it’s great to be able to scan back through past predictions. When Mr. or Ms. Right comes along or you’re offered a dream job, it’s possible to pinpoint what you’ve intuitively seen about the new opportunity. It’s generally easier to locate specific information on a digital record as it’s possible to search for specific words in the text.

Many years ago, I looked ahead in meditation to glimpse the cover of my next book. During the observation, I noticed how my name blended into the cover. I resolved to ask the publisher if I could change this before it was printed. Because I neglected to write down the details of that meditation, the book was published as I had glimpsed. When I saw my first printed copy, I remembered my intuitive glimpse and mentally kicked myself for not recording my findings and acting on them. 16 years later I re-published it, improving the cover and making my name more legible.

Anyone can improve personal intuition with good meditation techniques, regular practice plus a record of past accurate predictions. It’s a simple process and just like learning any new skill, positive habits eventually produce more precise results. Sometimes before breaking into a new career, a small, almost silent warning can save a lot of grief. It’s possible look ahead to the interview process, check out the workplace culture and determine what the pay ceiling is for that position before being asked about your package expectations.
Intuition can be one more tool in shaping your future. It doesn’t replace logic but can be a powerful ally when making important choices about the future. Do you want to leave your destiny to chance or would you prefer to be proactive about your future?

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