Spiritually Cleansing Your Home

Arriving home from a stressful day at work can be a relief, but there is a chance that you are bringing some of your emotional work baggage with you. As you relax, this work stress or emotional negativity disperses throughout your home like the smoke from a single cigarette, gradually permeating every room. This unnoticed [...]

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Two Perceptions – One Holiday

Kirsten's holiday picture. When Marc and Kirsten recently holidayed in Hawaii they each sent a picture of the view from their hotel balcony. Kirsten sent the Facebook version with palm trees swaying in a gentle breeze on golden sands, immediately setting the scene of a fabulous holiday in the sun. Surfers floated on [...]

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Developing Your Intuition

Good decision making often involves both logic and intuition. Developing and maintaining a reliable intuition without ignoring the rational mind is sometimes a delicate balancing act. When Philipe was considering settling down into a long term relationship with Manuela he used both logic and intuition to help him to decide upon the best course of [...]

Psychic Development Techniques

Developing intuition can be a rewarding and frustrating process. Like building muscle, increasing your intuition requires regular effort to expand and to maintain your awareness of finer energies. Small children usually have highly developed intuitive faculties, to compensate for their lack of language skills. They essentially read the energy of those around them until they [...]

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Two Types of Intuition

If planning to develop your intuitive abilities, firstly you need to decide which type of intuition you want to strengthen. There are basically two types of intuition, animal and spiritual. It is important to distinguish between the two if you plan to develop your spiritual intuition. Animal Intuition Animal intuition takes the form of instinct, [...]

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