Arriving home from a stressful day at work can be a relief, but there is a chance that you are bringing some of your emotional work baggage with you. As you relax, this work stress or emotional negativity disperses throughout your home like the smoke from a single cigarette, gradually permeating every room.

This unnoticed dross or negativity is almost imperceptible, yet if this process is repeated daily for a month or a year, your home gradually becomes heavy with layers of tension, fear, anger or work stress.This is the energy that visitors first feel when they enter your home, and what potential buyers often notice when they attend an open inspection.

Gradually, your home becomes stale. Instead of being a haven after a difficult day at work, it can leave you feeling listless, vague and tired of life. This is especially so if someone in the home has suffered a prolonged illness or there have been ongoing arguments and disputes. The residual energy of these events needs to be cleared away from your dwelling so that your home is once again a haven from the stresses of life.

Even the ongoing noise of building repairs or a nearby redevelopment can change the underlying energy of your home. While you can easily wipe away the fine layer of cement dust from your surfaces resulting from a nearby construction zone, the jarring sounds of a circular-saw are less easily controlled or forgotten.

Beginning with cleansing yourself, there are some basic steps you can take to ensure that your home remains peaceful, energetically clean and neutral. Some of these steps are traditional or common sense, while others are more esoteric.

If you are the person bringing the negativity into your home, it makes sense to cleanse yourself soon after you arrive home. This can be done with a salt bath. Taking a cupful of natural sea salt, run a bath and immerse yourself up to your chin in the salt water. The salt water absorbs some of your tension, reducing the likelihood that you’ll dump this energy in your favourite chair. It is designed to replicate the ocean. If you live near a beach, you’ll find a more rewarding method is to take a swim or to spend an hour snorkelling after work. Even spending time beside the ocean can help to rejuvenate you.

To cleanse and restore harmony to a room you can light a candle, ensuring that it is in an appropriate container and not left unattended. Traditional methods include opening the doors and windows (weather permitting) to allow a breeze to cleanse your environment.

When moving into a new home environment, you might use a solution of cloudy ammonia and soapy water to wash down the windows, any polished floors and the front and back steps of the premises. This can shift long-term stubborn energy which has built up over months or years. Cloudy ammonia is found in the laundry detergent section of most supermarkets. You can use 1 -2 cups of ammonia solution to a bucket of warm water. Ensure that you have adequate air flow as the fumes can be overwhelming.

If there has been an argument in a particular room, placing a bowl of water in that room for 24 hours can be effective. The water absorbs some of the residual emotional energy in the room. If you don’t want to be conspicuous about it, place a vase of flowers in water in the room.

One symptom of negativity in your bedroom can be experiencing bad dreams at night. Repetitive nightmares may have several causes, but if they are due to a negative sleeping environment, then placing a bowl of water in the bedroom can help. It is important to empty the water each morning, replacing it with fresh water each day for two weeks. In serious cases you can add a handful of sea salt to the bowl of water. This can help you to achieve more rapid results.

Playing tranquil music can restore harmony to a room after an argument or after receiving bad news. For ongoing maintenance, meditation can keep you balanced, and it can help restore balance to a room if you meditate in the same place regularly.

Traditional methods of cleansing a home include smudge sticks. This relies on the smoke from burning dried sage leaves to fill each room, after which you open all the doors and windows, airing the house out again. It requires that you cover smoke alarms and uncover them as soon as the house has been aired. Burning dried sage has traditionally been used by the American Indians for effectively cleansing an environment. To a lesser extent, burning incense can help to clear a room, if you allow plenty of fresh air to circulate afterwards.

Bringing plants inside for a few weeks at a time can rejuvenate a room, provided there is sufficient light for plants to survive.

There are many different ways your home can gradually become shrouded in negativity, from ongoing worries to chaotic teenagers, yet restoring it to a balanced, harmonious haven can become a few simple routines. From lighting candles daily to washing the floors with cloudy ammonia weekly, you can ensure your home remains a haven from the stresses of everyday life. As a result, you’ll feel more balanced, energetic and sanguine about life.   You’ll find more information about cleansing your environment in my book Intuition.

(c) 2013 Copyright Paul Fenton-Smith.  Paul offer private lessons in cleansing your environment and a range of courses.

Bowls of salt water can absorb negativity in the home.