Gift Vouchers for courses.


This gift voucher is for a full course with Paul Fenton-Smith. The recipient can choose between learning Palmistry, basic or advanced Tarot card reading or psychic development. These fun courses offer a chance to learn new skills with like-minded people in a supportive atmosphere.

Gift vouchers are also available for personal readings, distance readings, private lessons, courses and CDs. These are perfect gifts for someone who is pursuing personal spiritual development. All vouchers are valid for 12 months from the purchase date.


$450 gift voucher for certificate courses.

This Gift certificate is perfect for someone who wants to learn Palmistry, Tarot card reading or Psychic development in a fun and hands-on course. It includes all notes and hand-outs for the course. Pauls three-day courses cover all the basics in a fun way and in a supportive atmosphere.

Courses include games, exercises and regular practice sessions to build personal confidence with the skills. Morning and afternoon tea are included along with courses handouts. Paul has written a book for each course and this is included in the voucher.

You have 12 months from the date of purchase to use the gift voucher. If prices for services increase during this 12 month period your gift voucher still covers you for the full reading or session.

Additional information

Palmistry or Tarot/clairvoyant reading.

This voucher is for a personal palmistry reading of a Tarot / clairvoyant reading.

Pure Clairvioyance reading

This voucher is for a Pure Clairvoyance reading, a Pure Higher-self reading or a Pure Turning-points reading.

Certificate course.

This voucher is for an Introductory tarot course, an Advanced tarot course or a Tarot Masterclass course. It can also be used for a Palmistry course.

Counselling, coaching or hypnosis.

This voucher is for a one-hour personal coaching session, a counselling session or a hypnosis session.

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