Gift Vouchers for Pure Clairvoyance readings in Sydney.


This gift voucher is for a personal Pure Clairvoyance or a Pure clairvoyance Turning-points reading in Sydney. This powerful whole-life reading examines major life events and spiritual purpose. It lasts 50 minutes and includes a recording. Bring some questions.

Gift vouchers are available for personal readings, distance readings, private lessons, courses and CDs. These are perfect gifts for someone who is pursuing personal spiritual development. All vouchers are valid for 12 months from the purchase date.



Gift voucher for Pure Clairvoyance readings.  $280.

This gift certificate is for a personal Pure clairvoyance reading in Sydney. The recipient can choose between one of two readings including

  • a Pure clairvoyance reading. This is a powerful whole-life reading that examines major life events and spiritual purpose.
  • a Pure Turning-points reading. This enlightening reading explore past and future turning points; those moments when decisions are made that shape personal destiny.

This powerful and insightful reading uses no tarot cards, palms, astrology or numerology, just pure clairvoyance. During your 50 minute reading Paul will sit with you, quietly examining images from your past, the present and your future. He’ll detail major life events, and describe important people and situations, often giving your age when events will occur.

This gift certificate is valid for 12 months from purchase date and the recording is emailed to your recipient, usually within 24 hours. Digital gift certificates are usually emailed within a few hours of receipt of order. You can include the recipient’s name in the Notes section when purchasing so that it appears on the Gift Certificate.

Additional information

Palmistry or Tarot/clairvoyant reading.

This voucher is for a personal palmistry reading of a Tarot / clairvoyant reading.

Pure Clairvioyance reading

This voucher is for a Pure Clairvoyance reading, a Pure Higher-self reading or a Pure Turning-points reading.

Certificate course.

This voucher is for an Introductory tarot course, an Advanced tarot course or a Tarot Masterclass course. It can also be used for a Palmistry course.

Counselling, coaching or hypnosis.

This voucher is for a one-hour personal coaching session, a counselling session or a hypnosis session.


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