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Are you ready to take the leap? This advanced tarot course is for people who want to take a leap in advancing their tarot skills. It examines cards in combination to glean deeper meanings. It also encourages participants to look for unexpected meanings for cards and techniques for using intuition when reading the cards.

It reveals how an experienced reader can help clients understand what is being said and why they are where they are in life. This fun courses includes games, exercises and demonstrations, both in the class and on Skype.  Regular practice sessions are also included to help students to strengthen their working knowledge of tarot reading.

Based on Paul’s book Tarot Masterclass, this course reveals how to give clear readings when faced with conflicting cards in a layout. By bring the client into the process it’s possible to discover together, what a layout means. Pauls helps each student to identify what they uniquely bring to their tarot readings and how to value these skills and talents.

Because this is a master class, students are required to have completed Paul’s introductory and advanced tarot courses before enrolling in this course.  See Paul give a demonstration reading on YouTube.  A second demo tarot reading.

Course notes   Course notes are included in the form of Paul’s book, Tarot Masterclass. Students also receive a folder of handouts (around 20 pages of charts, including an Masterclass tarot Log). This allows you to focus on the games, demonstrations, exercises and the reading process instead of taking notes continuously.

Certification.  A certificate is granted to those who successfully complete written and practical assessments. The practical component includes giving a one-hour reading to a stranger. These readings are recorded and the client is given the recording, just as you would in private practice. Assessments are optional. You’ll need to complete and log 80 readings (duration of 30 minutes or longer) before sitting for exams. Assessments are by appointment only and can be completed at your leisure. If you are unsuccessful with either the written or the practical components, you’ll need to repeat that part of the assessment to receive your certificate. The fee to sit an assessment is $100.

Dates:    To be confirmed.

Times:   Each Sunday 10:00 am until 5:30 pm.

Venue:   8a Hillside Crescent, Epping NSW (just off Chesterfield Road).

Fees:      $450. including Paul’s book Tarot Masterclass and a folder of charts and handouts.