During the lunch break in a recent tarot course four students sat around the air conditioner to avoid the 37 degree day, reading my books. Clare sat studying my astrology book.
“How does astrology work?” asked Mia, Clare’s friend.

“I’ll give you a demonstration.” I replied. “If you give me your date of birth I can look up my ephemeris (a book containing the planetary positions for the 20th century) and tell you the type of men you tend to find attractive. The placement of Mars in a woman’s chart can reveal the type of male partner she finds attractive.”

Mia was immediately keen to explore further, as were the other three students. Mia’s Mars was in Virgo when she was born, suggesting that she might find subtle, understated men attractive. Virgo men or quiet, neat, practical men were likely to be her type. She confirmed that her partner was a Virgo.

Mars was in Aries when Clare was born, and as a result she is likely to be attracted to sporty, cheeky, competitive men. Clare admitted to a fondness for a bit of muscle, tight shorts on a football field and partners with an adventurous nature.

I laughingly pointed out that Clare and Mia were complimentary company at social events, as they were unlikely to be competing for the same type of man.

“She like those quiet, nerdy types,” stated Clare and Mia laughed.

Mia confirmed that she only discovered long lasting relationships when she ignored the sporty, competitive types for the quiet, understated men. She treasured the calm evenings together, the long silences and being allowed time to read a book when her partner was nearby. Previously she had partnered with sporty, outdoors types who were constantly active, restless and seeking a new challenge.

While Clare found Mia’s type of partner dull and unadventurous, Mia appreciated the stillness they possessed. In turn, Mia found Clare’s type of men too demanding, restless and physical for her liking. She argued that they rarely had anything to talk about whereas the quiet studious types usually loved books and had many interesting facts mentally stored away for future conversations.

Mars was in Libra when Linda was born, and I suggested that she might like talkative, sociable men who are good negotiators, tactful, diplomatic and who enjoy a sumptuous long lunch.

“That’s my husband,” she replied and laughed. “But he’s not my type. I usually don’t find that type of man attractive,” she contended.

“Not at all attractive?” I asked.

“Not a bit.”

“I guess you found him so unattractive that you married him.”

“Oh yes, but what I mean is that when I think of the type of man who interests me, it is not my husband.”

“Aint that the truth,” echoed Nadia drily.

“No, I love my husband but he was different to my previous partners,” declared Linda.

There are several areas in an astrological chart which outline the type of preferred partner and it is possible to be attracted to conflicting qualities in potential partners.

While the placement of Mars in a woman’s chart show the type of male partner she is attracted to, the placement of Venus in a man’s chart can signify the type of female partner he might find attractive.

Linda gave me her husband’s date of birth and Venus was in Gemini when he was born. I explained that he found talkative, sociable women attractive and she confirmed it with “That’s me.” Her husband sought out a woman who was curious, a good organiser, socially outgoing, eloquent and he was likely to admire a partner who possessed a good memory.

When looking at a relationship chart it is important to notice if one or both partners have Venus or Mars in complimentary positions. This makes for an initial attraction. The position of Venus in a man’s chart doesn’t guarantee that he’ll partner with a particular type of woman, only that he’ll find that type attractive.

“In synastry or relationship charts you can see how the partners relate to one another. These charts reveal the strengths and weaknesses of a love relationship. To make up one of these charts you need the date, time and location of birth for each partner. Birth time must be within 20 minutes for the chart to be accurate,” I explained.

“I’ll phone my husband and ask him” said Linda immediately.

In India it has long been the practice to have a relationship chart prepared for couples who plan to marry. On the surface this may seem like a clinical approach to love relationship, but consider how long romance lasts. Consider too, how difficult it can be living with someone who is not in harmony with your needs or your preferred lifestyle, and such a chart can offer a valuable window into long term compatibility.

Relationship charts can also be useful for parents and children. If you are experiencing ongoing conflict with a child it may help to understand how that child perceives life and how you can use the more harmonious aspects in your relationship to compensate for the less harmonious areas. Few relationships are perfect and yet with a little work and adaptability, improvements are possible.

After we had examined the preferred types of partners we moved on to the placement of the moon at birth. In a chart the moon’s placement can reveal some of the qualities of the person’s mother, and how that person relates to others emotionally. As the students discovered that a full astrology chart is much more than the usual Aries to Pisces newspaper column material, they were soon engrossed in copies of Astrology Revealed, looking up meanings for planetary positions. For a moment I forgot that we were gathered together for a tarot course, until other students returned from lunch.

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