Two people recently consulted a number of clairvoyants over a two week period, to see how many of them gave similar predictions, with a view to publishing their results. Their aim was to compare the number of similar predictions.

This is a bit of an unscientific experiment. Unless the pair recorded the predictions and allowed a set period of time to elapse to enable the prediction to eventuate, they are unable to draw meaningful conclusions. All they can reasonably state is whether the clairvoyants they consulted gave similar predictions. This proves nothing of value.

It is an accepted reality that four people witnessing an incident usually describe it in different ways. Sometimes their descriptions contradict one another. Even on the same day various readers can give different and yet accurate readings to the same person. They focus on different events. Reducing the forthcoming two years into a one hour reading means that the reader has to focus only on the highlights. Even then it depends on which part of the future is in focus when questions are asked.

In a recent reading a twenty nine year old client asked about his love relationship. They had been together for almost two years, had separated three times in the past two weeks and he wanted to know if they’d reunite.

“Yes you will reunite, probably in the next week,” I stated.

“So we’ll be happy together again?”

“No that’s a separate question.”

“Well what exactly will happen then? I just want to know if she’s the one.”

“In the short term you’ll reunite and you’ll thrive together for awhile. In the mid term (around six months) you’ll probably separate again because the underlying issues have not been addressed.”

“What are those issues?” he asked pointedly.

“You are incompatible in the long term. No one is a fault here. You seek a patient, home-loving wife who’ll be in her element raising children, whereas your present partner is impatient, restless by nature and wants to start her own business. She doesn’t want to be waiting for you when you arrive home after a hard day at work. She’d rather be working late herself.”

“So in the long term will we be together?”

“In the long term I see you happily in another love relationship. At thirty five years of age I see you holding your first child, and you’re awestruck as the baby sleeps blissfully in your arms.”

So in this one question there were three correct answers. Yes, they’d reunite. No they’d not be happy together for very long and Yes he’d be happy in love later, with a different partner. Each answer was correct according to how far ahead the reader looked.

Sometimes several versions of events are required before you can determine what actually transpired. An example of this occurred last year when I visited a friend. Her five year old son was very excited.

“The firemen came today and they had a red truck and a very long ladder,” he declared excitedly. As I immediately scanned the house for signs of fire damage, his mother explained.

“Whiskas got stuck up a tree this afternoon.”

“My little Whiskas was all alone up there, you cheeky boy,” said nine year old Alison, cuddling the huge ginger cat. Meanwhile 15 year old Whiskas looked completely humiliated, as if to say “There goes my street credibility. I’ll be the laughing stock of the neighbourhood now. Damned firemen.” Here were four completely different versions of the same event.

Readers have diverse approaches to life, and may see dissimilar events when glimpsing your future. Some readers focus on relationships, while others look at behaviour patterns which contribute to your life direction. Some are keen to pass on messages from your deceased friends and relatives while others seek to address your immediate issues.

Sometimes statements which make no sense to the reader or the client at the time can be a real test. In 1979 I was told by a reader that he saw me standing watching a big fire on a property. We were both puzzled at this as it made no sense to us. I left the reading wondering if it was an open fire in a fireplace, a camp fire or a bonfire. In the 1980’s I visited a friend in northern NSW. Belinda lived beside a sugar cane farm which the farmer set alight as part of their harvesting process. We stood together on the creaking boards of an old sloping verandah, gazing at flames which swept through 10 acres of cane fields. The cries of farm hands attending the blaze were heard above the crackling fire, as flames tore through the crop.

Sometimes predictions occur long after you have any expectation of their fulfilment, due to timing being difficult to predict with accuracy.

That same reader in 1979 told me that he saw me receiving a stone bruise to one of my knees. I recalled his words in 1991 soon after I fell of a motorbike on a wet, slippery road on an island in Greece. I cushioned my heavy friend Christine’s fall. When I eventually stood up with a very sore knee, I said “Thanks for the prediction.”

It’s easy to be sceptical of a prediction or to ignore its eventuality. It is also possible to read too much meaning into predictive readings. Ultimately we have free-will to choose a different path from the one predicted. Alternately we can conscious set out to fulfil those things predicted for us. Sometimes predictions are general and at other times, reassuringly precise.

An example of precision from a recent reading occurred with a woman who asked about her deceased husband. I saw the spirit of him sitting beside her. He sat sceptical but curious as to whether I was able to tell her anything about him. As I described him to her, his eyes widened and she burst into tears. I described his careful ruling up of the ledger book. She confirmed that he had a ledger which his updated diligently. After I had described a few of his deceased relatives and his manner of death, his scepticism evaporated. I laughed aloud with my client, that even in death her husband remained a sceptic.

On another occasion I was reading for a friend. I describing a small cottage on the side of a grass covered hill overlooking the ocean. As an artist, he had completed the picture I was describing the day before. He subsequently gave me the painting enabling me to view that beautiful, tranquil image daily. Later I wished that I had read for the owner of the cottage; that I might have been given the actual house with its glorious view!