• This advanced astrology book focusses on the moon's nodes and how they relate to life themes and soul-purpose. It includes a simple north nodes chart for the past 95 years. All you need is a person's date of birth as the nodes only change sign every 18 months. By understanding the north and south nodes in a person's chart, it's possible to understand what that individual will struggle with and what approaches to life will change from childhood to maturity.
  • A telephone or Skype tarot reading allows you to clarify your issues from the convenience of your home or office. A 30 minute reading includes a general reading and up to four questions, while a 45 minute reading includes up to six questions. It's the perfect choice if you live overseas or are travelling and need help with a decision.
  • A telephone, Skype or Facetime tarot reading allows you to clarify your issues from the convenience of your home or office. A 45 minute reading includes a general reading and up to six questions. It's the perfect choice if you have lots of questions or a complex issue that might require several questions before you've explored all options.
  • We are all spiritual masters in the making. Imagine having no past to weigh you down or call you back for resolution. Instead of being hampered by earlier emotional and spiritual issues, it is possible to proceed steadily towards your goals with a profound sense of purpose. This story is one person’s journey about where we might go after death. Although the body dies, the spirit lives on to continue a longer passage home. It reveals a glimpse of that voyage and outlines some of the preparations that can be made for the most important passage we will attempt. It evokes memories of the spiritual purpose underlying physical existence based on a quest to uncover a hidden, deeper purpose to life.
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    Activate Your Psychic Ability

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    The past created the present, just as the present creates the future. What sort of future are you creating today? Your psychic abilities are a powerful compass that can guide you with purpose and clarity. While exploring your natural intuitive talents, hidden possibilities become apparent. Whether you are beginning or strengthening your intuitive skills, Activate Your Psychic Ability will reveal previously hidden choices for determining your future. Paul Fenton-Smith has been studying and teaching intuitive development since 1978 and this is his 12th book. Paul founded the Academy of Psychic Sciences in Sydney in 1985 aiming to set a standard in structuring intuitive development and predictive methods. Paul has written books on palmistry, tarot reading, astrology, intuition and spiritual development.
  • This advanced tarot guide is for people who want to make sense of layouts and help clients to carefully word questions for improved accuracy. It's a comprehensive book and at 556 pages, Advanced Tarot provides a clear guide for beginners and experienced tarot readers. If you want to improve your vision of the future, make sense of the court cards in layouts or tie cards together to form clear stories, Advanced Tarot is the book you need. Advanced Tarot is destined to become the go-to reference for readers who value clarity when giving meaningful predictions.
  • This course is designed for those who have completed the introductory tarot course and who want to delve deeper into the tarot. It is suited to those who are in professional practice and this course improves your working knowledge of the tarot in a fun atmosphere. As our teaching methods are quite specific, it is not possible to attend this course until you have completed the introductory tarot course. It also offers telephone reading techniques and a demonstration telephone tarot reading using a speaker-phone. In this way students can hear both sides of the conversation as they watch the reading unfold. Course brochure.
  • This activity-filled 2-day course is based on Paul’s best-selling book, Advanced Tarot. It provides a chance to extend your tarot skills with supportive, likeminded people. Paul includes games, demonstration readings and regular practise sessions, to build skills and improve your knowledge of
    • Cards in combination.
    • The court cards as life perspectives.
    • Turning client issues into clear questions.
    • Intuitive and logical readings.
    • The card-reading process, through giving and receiving tarot readings.
    Dates:          Two Sundays, September the 15th and 22nd, 2024. Venue:         8a Hillside Crescent, Epping, NSW. Times:         10:00 am - 4:00 pm. Course fee:  $300. including handouts. Bring your tarot deck and some questions for the cards. Morning and afternoon tea are supplied but you’ll need to bring your lunch. As the room isn’t large, numbers are strictly limited, so book now.
  • An astrology chart is a simple map of the heavens when you were born. Natal or birth charts are useful for understanding your character, your talents and your basic lessons this life time. This printed chart includes 15 - 20 pages of text and two colour printed chart wheels in a slimline folder. If you opt for the email version, it's a quick turnaround (usually 48 hours) with a PDF of the full text and colour chart wheel images.    
  • An astrology chart is a simple map of the heavens when you were born. Natal or birth charts are useful for understanding your character, your talents and your basic lessons this life time. To erect a natal chart your date, time and location of birth are required and if you don't have an accurate time of birth a Solar chart can be erected. A solar chart is a chart set for the time of sunrise and although it is not as accurate as a natal chart, it still offers worthwhile insights into character and your nature. A transits chart offers insight into the coming year ahead, revealing the opportunities and the obstacles ahead, allowing you to prepare for them. A Synastry chart offers insight into relationships such as love relationships or a parent and child relationship. This chart reveals the likely opportunities and frustrations within relationships and can offer practical steps toward better communication.
  • Private coaching sessions are a great way to strengthen skills, map out a path to personal goals or simply overcome weaker areas. It's possible to tailor coaching sessions to your needs, focussing precisely on the areas that need attention. Paul offers personal and telephone coaching sessions in
    • writing - from product descriptions for your website to short biographies, press releases and whole books.
    • mapping out practical steps to make creative goals real.
    • improving tarot reading skills.
    • strengthening personal intuition.
    • building and maintaining a creative business.
    • designing, writing and producing correspondence courses.
  • This tarot DVD offers a simple introduction to the ancient art of tarot reading. Based on more than 20 years experience, this engaging and insightful guide to tarot reading is both practical and realistic.

    Including footage of a variety of actual readings, Discover the Tarot offers tips on

    • developing your own intuition.
    • how to word your questions for increased accuracy.
    • the importance of cleansing yourself after each reading.
    • the shuffling and card reversal process.
    • games for psychic development
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